By cataloguing the manuscripts in descriptive way every text treated in the palm-leaf manuscript bundle is identified and the maximum details regarding its authorship, special features, the subject and importance are given in the form of very brief notes. Nearly 80% of the collection has been catalogued so far.

  • Critical Editions of the Saiva Agamas

The Agamas serve as the fundamental texts for the Saivasiddhanta philosophy and religious practices even in the present day. Since many of them are in manuscripts they are being collated and critically edited with copious notes and detailed introduction. So far a dozen Saiva Agama texts have been critically edited in this fashion and have been published.

  • On the basis of the wealth of Saiva manuscripts and the path breaking publication of critically edited Saiva Agamas another project titled A History of Saivasiddhanta in Tamilnadu has been quite active. Under this project the contributions of important Saiva teachers, mostly belonging to the late medieval period, have been taken up for a thorough and detailed study and publication in the form of monographs. 
  • STUDY OF EARLY SAIVASIDDHANTA SOURCES: Some of the basic philosophical texts of the Saivasiddhanta were composed in Kashmir and other parts of north India. One such early text of authority is RATNATRA authored by SRIKANTHA in Kashmir in the 10-11 centuries There is a detailed commentary written by Aghorasiva of south India in the 12th century. This research study accompanied by a critically edited text along with the commentary will be a very useful and important contribution in the domain of Saivasiddhanta.