The basic mission of IFP is to function as an establishment for higher studies and research. The vocation of the Institute is to involve itself in South and South-East Asia.

Research Fields:

  • Indology: Indian Society, History and Culture: Sources and Resources
  • Ecology: Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Social Sciences: Contemporary Social Dynamics...

The Department of Indology deals with the study of Indian civilization in its various aspects, both ancient and modern, on the basis of different kinds of sources (textual, iconographic, material…). The analysis of the very rich corpus of available texts in Sanskrit, the scholarly language of India, has traditionally formed the basis/cornerstone of the research work conducted at the IFP.


The Department of Ecology aims to understand and assess biological diversity in both natural and human-transformed ecosystems as a contribution to improved practices of sustainable management and conservation. These areas of research are closely associated with other global concerns such as water conservation, carbon sequestration and climatic changes. Special interest has lo...


The Department of Social Sciences promotes research on the major questions of society and on the relations between human societies and their environment: social management of water, urban development, demography and social mobility, finance and debt, impact of industrialisation on rural systems, diffusion of new technologies, traditional healthcare systems, health problems re...


Three research axes are currently being developed in the GEOSMIT department: 1/ Spatial monitoring and observations of vegetatio...