Social-Ecological Dynamics in Rapid Economic Development: Infrastructure and coastal Change in South-eastern Sri Lanka


Julien Andrieu

Start Date: Mar, 2020
Status: Ongoing

Project Details

Department Ecology Geomatics Social Sciences
Duration 2 Year(s)
Funding Agency(ies)

French Embassy of Columbo, Sri Lanka

Fonds de Solidarité pour les Projets Innovants


Eastern University, the University of Ruhuna, the University of Peradeniya, International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo

Team Anthony GOREAU
Christophe PROISY
Muthusankar GOWRAPPAN
Nicolas BAUTES
Email Julien.andrieu AT ifpindia DOT org

Project Description

SEDRIC is an interdisciplinary and international research project in the frame of the IFP Coastal program. It has been granted by a FSPI (Fonds de Solidarité pour les Projets Innovants) program under the umbrella of the French Embassy of Columbo, Sri Lanka. The main objectives of SEDRIC are to address the social-ecological change and their impacts in southern and eastern Sri Lanka coastal regions. Among these objectives are (1) the development of a scientific monitoring system based on a remote sensing analysis of land cover and land use change, a deployment of palynology approaches to better understand the historical evolution of the environment, inventories of biodiversity and development of application for tree species identification; (2) an analysis of the evolution of key social, economic and ecological issues related to protected areas, tourism and public infrastructure development; (3) the organization of training and interdisciplinary workshops in Sri Lanka. The project will involve 5 Sri Lankan Universities, a set of NGOs and government administrative bodies/groups and local stakeholders. Training and co-supervision of post-graduate students is a key target of this project.