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Conference Papers

Rameshkumar K.. Digitization of Palm leaf Manuscripts. Paper presented on the Online training session organized by Tamil Nadu Archaeological Conservation Society, Department of Archeology, Tamil Nadu through Microsoft Teams, Department of Archeology, Tamil Nadu, Aug 2020, Chennai, India. (hal-03135604)

Rameshkumar K.. Digitisation standards. Paper presented at the Workshop on Digitisation Workflows, Archival Standards, and Digital Research Studies Methodologies, The British Library, London, and held at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Jul 2019, Bangalore, India. (hal-02902722)

Rameshkumar K.. Reimagining the family portrait - A residency program (Organised with a team of experts from France, Germany and India, with support from the Franco-German Cultural Fund). Paper presented during the Workshop titled "Photographic Heritage and Family Histories through Tamil Studio Portraiture (1880-1980), Oct 2019, Chennai, India. (hal-02902732)

Rameshkumar K.. Jain monuments in Pandya Country. Paper presented during the Seminar "Pechu Kacheri 2019", The Tamil Heritage Trust, Chennai, Dec 2019, Chennai, India. (hal-02902737)

Rameshkumar K.. Different Techniques of Digital Documentation. workshop on "Tamil Computer and Internet", Feb 2015, Puducherry, India. (hal-02915984)

Rameshkumar K.. Digitization of Palm Leaf Manuscripts. Manuscripts and Editions of Classical Tamil Grammar, Department of Manuscripts, Tanjavur Tamil University, Tanjavur, Feb 2015, Thanjavur, India. (hal-02915988)

Rameshkumar K.. Digitization of Manuscripts. Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala, Sri Sri Gurukul, at Art of Living International Centre, Dec 2014, Bengaluru, India. (hal-02935506)

Rameshkumar K.. Digitization of Manuscripts. Manuscriptology & Paleography, Swami Dayananda Satabhishekam Memorial Digital Library & Research Centre, Apr 2014, Coimbatore, India. (hal-02935494)

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