Technical Assistant

Anupama Krishnamurthy
  indhu.ayyanar AT ifpindia DOT org
  + 91- 413-2231622
  + 91- 413-2231605


Ms. Indhu Ayyanaar, with a Bachelors in Agriculture and a Masters degree in Ecology & Environmental sciences has joined the IFP from 1st January 2021 in the framework of the multidisciplinary POLLIN project. She is assisting with field, lab and microscopic work in the Ecological component of the study and involves regular fieldwork in the 14 sites (Farms, Gardens & Natural spaces) identified by the project for this pilot study focussed broadly on Pollinators and Pollination in the urban-rural mosaic landscapes around Pondicherry in the context of climate change stressors; specifically two important native pollinators the honeybee species Apis cerna and Trigona (Tetragonula) iridippennis are a focus of this study. Her broad area of Interest are: Agriculture & Rural Development, Horticulture & Landscaping, Ecology & Climate change. Her Masters project was on on “Farmers Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change and Their Implications in Cuddalore District”


The project “Bees for Pollination” funded by the CNRS interdisciplinary mission (MITI) is analysing along a rural-urban gradient in the Pondicherry region,the pollination services offered to crops by two native honeybees (Apis cerena and the stingless Trigona) that show adaptive capacities to climate change, and the knowledge and practices of beekeepers and farmers with regard to the relationships between pollinating insects and agrobiodiversity.

We are combining ecological, socio-economic and anthropological research in order to understand, measure and disseminate the contribution of pollination to agricultural yields, a step towards a resilient agro-ecological system.


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