Christophe Jalil NORDMAN


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Development economics, economics of education and labour, discriminations, socio-economic data collection

Other Publications

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Publications and Working Papers

Journal special issue edition

DIMOVA R. and NORDMAN CJ., (eds), 2014. Understanding the Links Between Labour and Economic Development, European Journal of Development Research, Special Issue, 26(4).

Journal articles

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Selection of book chapters and working papers

NORDMAN CJ. and SHARMA S., 2019. Pecuniary Returns to Working Conditions in Vietnam, In: Rand J. et Tarp F. (Eds). Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Viet Nam: Structural Transformation and Inclusive Growth. Oxford University Press, Oxford, forthcoming.

Hilger A., NORDMAN CJ. 2018. Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills, Hiring Channels, and Wages in Bangladesh, IZA Discussion Paper No. 11578, DIAL Research Paper DT/2018/11

NORDMAN CJ. and SHARMA S., 2016. The Power to Choose: Gender Balance of Power and Intra-household Educational Spending in India, WIDER Working Paper 2016/61 .