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Conference Papers

Balasubramanian Dhandapani, Prabhakar Rajagopal, Vijay Barve, Pankaj Koparde, Antonio Saraiva. Global Biodiversity Knowledge Commons and Civil Society of the Global South. Biodiversity Informatics: Perspectives from the Global South, Biodiversity Next 2019, Oct 2019, Leiden, Netherlands. (10.3897/biss.3.37068). (hal-02881271)

G. Muthusankar, Christophe Proisy, D. Balasubramanian, N. Bautès, R. S. Bhalla, et al.. When Socio-Economic Plans Exacerbate Vulnerability to Physical Coastal Processes on the South East Coast of India. 15. International Coastal Symposium (ICS), May 2018, Busan, South Korea. (10.2112/SI85-290.1). (hal-02737443)

Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Thomas Le Bourgeois, Pierre Grard, Pascal Marnotte, Azaad Guangoo, et al.. Citizen science and expert community interactions using Wikwio, a weed knowledge portal, focused on southern Africa. (TDWG 2016 (Taxonomic Data Working Group), Annual Conference, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Dec 2016, Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa Rica. (hal-02907236)

Prabhakar Rajagopal, Thomas Vattakaven, Pierre Grard, Thomas Le Bourgeois, Dhandapani Balasubramanian, et al.. An open participatory species traits infrastructure to organize and discover species information. TDWG 2016 (Taxonomic Data Working Group), Annual Conference, Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Dec 2016, Santa Clara de San Carlos, Costa Rica. (hal-02908127)

Thomas Le Bourgeois, Alain Paul Andrianaivo, V. Andrivohana, Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Azaad Gaungoo, et al.. Les adventices des cultures de l'Océan Indien - Identification et partage de connaissance à travers le portail collaboratif WIKWIO. 23ème conférence du Columa. Journées internationales sur la lutte contre les mauvaises herbes, AFPP, Dec 2016, Dijon, France. pp.1-8. (hal-02293249)

Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Pierre Grard, Thomas Le Bourgeois, B.R. Ramesh, Pascal Marnotte, et al.. Citizen Science for weed knowledge in Western Indian Ocean and Southern African region. Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) - TDWG 2015Annual Conference, Sep 2015, Nairobi, Kenya. (hal-02329498)

Rajagopal P., Dhandapani Balasubramanian. The architecture of a biodiversity informatics platform. Paper presented at the Taxonomic Data Working Group 2015 Annual Conference, Sep 2015, Nairobi, Kenya. (hal-03045442)

Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Pierre Grard, Le Bourgeois T., B.R. Ramesh. A biodiversity platform for weed identification and knowledge system in the Western Indian Ocean. Paper presented at the Taxonomic Data Working Group 2014, Oct 2014, Jönköping, Sweden. (hal-03225963)

Denis Vidal, Dhandapani Balasubramanian. Mechanized Sailing Vessels of South India: An Alternative Approach to the Actual Practice and Recent History of Maritime Trade in the Indian Ocean. 3rd Low Tech | High Tech Workshop, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Dec 2013, Beirut, Lebanon. (hal-02922694)

Dhandapani Balasubramanian. A participatory open access biodiversity portal in India. Workshop of the Taxonomic Data Working Group, India Biodiversity Portal & Western Ghats Portal, 2012, Beijing, China. (hal-02931406)

Dhandapani Balasubramanian. Free laptop scheme for students in Tamil Nadu - free emancipation?. International Workshop "Low tech/High tech", French Institute of Pondicherry; CEMAM, Beirut; URMIS/IRD, Paris; SARAI/CSDS, New Delhi, Dec 2011, Pondicherry, India. (hal-02931408)

Frederic Borne, Subbarayalu Y, G. Muthusankar, Iswarialakshmi K., Dhandapani Balasubramanian. Digital Historical atlas of South India. Space, Time, Place. Third International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology, Archaeopress, Aug 2009, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. pp.373-378. (hal-02945556)

B.R. Ramesh, Ayyappan Narayanan, Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Pierre Grard. Biodiversity Informatics and co-Operation in Taxonomy for Interactive Knowledge base (BIOTIK). Biodiversity Information Standards, Proceedings of the TDWG Annual Conference 2009, Taxonomic Database Working Group (TDWG), Nov 2009, Montpellier, France. (hal-02948723)

Pierre Grard, B.R. Ramesh, Ayyappan Narayanan, Dhandapani Balasubramanian, Iswarialakshmi K.. Biodiversity Informatics: An implementation of IDAO tool in interactive knowledge base system for taxonomy, inventory and species conservation in the Western Ghats. National Seminar on Current Trends in Bioinformatics Teaching & Research, Feb. 16-18, 2009, Bioinformatics Center, Pondicherry University, Feb 2009, Pondicherry, India. (hal-03241806)

Journal Articles

Thomas Vattakaven, Vijay Barve, Geetha Ramaswami, Priya Singh, Suneha Jagannathan, et al.. Best Practices for Data Management in Citizen Science - An Indian Outlook. Biodiversity Informatics, University of Kansas, 2022, 17, pp.27-49. (hal-03640023)

Balasubramanian Dhandapani, Sumathi S. Free laptops and Information Society: Will computers alone do?. Journal of the Madras School of Social Work, 2017, 11 (1&2), pp.54-64. (hal-01824269)

Denis Vidal, D. Balasubramanian. Comment s'inventent les bateaux ? : cargos en bois du Tamil Nadu. Techniques et culture, Éditions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme 2017, 67, pp.176-195. (hal-01578736)

Prabhakar Rajagopal, Thomas Vattakaven, Balasubramanian Dhandapani. Databasing Crop Plants from the People's Biodiversity Register of India. Biodiversity Information Science and Standards, Sofia : Pensoft Publishers, 2017-, 2017, 1, (10.3897/tdwgproceedings.1.19820). (hal-01824242)

T Vattakaven, R.M. George, D. Balasubramanian, Maxime Réjou-Méchain, G. Muthusankar, et al.. India Biodiversity Portal: An integrated, interactive and participatory biodiversity informatics platform. Biodiversity Data Journal, Pensoft, 2016, 4, pp.e10279. (10.3897/BDJ.4.e10279). (halshs-01415467)

D. Balasubramanian, Rico Lie, Pierre Grard. ICT and agriculture in India. NETCOM : Réseaux, communication et territoires / Networks and Communications Studies, Netcom Association, 2009, pp.281-292. (10.4000/netcom.779). (hal-02881286)

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