Linguistic and Textual Aspects of Multilingualism in South India and Sri Lanka. Edited by Giovanni Ciotti and Erin McCann, Collection Indologie n° 147 / NETamil Series n° 8, Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient / Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2021, xiii, 817 p., ISBN: 978-81- 8470-238-5 IFP) / 978-2-85539-242-4 (EFEO). 2000 INR (64 EUR)

This volume brings together a broad range of scholarship on various aspects of multilingualism in South India and Sri Lanka, particularly with respect to written sources from the pre-modern world. Although the rich linguistic diversity of both regions has long been acknowledged, the consequences of this variety on linguistic and literary developments has rarely been explored, and never with the breadth that is offered here. Our contributions examine the nature and discursive functions of multilingualism, largely from the perspective of philology, in a diverse array of literary, linguistic, and cultural contexts. Some of the contributors bring their particular expertise to bear on the mutual influence of the Sanskrit and Tamil worlds, while others examine the complex linguistic, religious, and cultural negotiations evident in the literary products of authors writing in Arabic, Pali, Sinhala, Telugu, and Malayalam. Many of them also cite and translate paradigmatic examples. This volume is an important compendium of current research on multilingualism in South India and Sri Lanka and offers avenues for understanding the materials and the communities discussed herein in the context of larger conversations about multilingualism in the pre-modern world.

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The Yoga of the Matsyendrasaṃhitā. A critical edition and annotated translation of chapters 1–13 and 55. Csaba Kiss. Collection Indologie n° 146 / Haṭha Yoga Series n° 1, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient, 608 p., ISBN: 978-81-8470-239-2 (IFP) / 978-2-85539-241-7 (EFEO). 900 INR (32 EUR)

This volume presents the first critical edition, along with an English translation, of the core chapters of a Sanskrit work of perhaps the thirteenth century surviving in five nineteenth-century witnesses: the Matsyendrasaṃhitā. The work is useful as a primary source for the history of yoga and the Śaiva religions: it reveals important links between the tantric cults of Kubjikā and Tripurā and early haṭhayoga. In addition, its frame-story (in chapters 1 and 55) relates a unique version of the yogin Matsyendra’s legend in which his disciple Gorakṣa is a Chola king. The edition is bracketed by a detailed introduction and by detailed notes on the constitution of the text, as well as an annotated translation.

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The Vārāṇasīmāhātmya of the Bhairavaprādurbhāva: A Twelfth-Century Glorification of Vārāṇasī.

By Peter Bisschop, Collection Indologie n˚ 148, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient, 2021, iv, 190 p.

Language: Sanskrit, English. 500 Rs (19 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-240-8 (IFP) / 978-2-85539-243-1 (EFEO)

The city of Vārāṇasī in North India is one of the most sacred Hindu places. Its unique location on the banks of the Gaṅgā adds to its special claims of holiness. These claims found expression in an extensive body of literature called Māhātmyas, texts composed in Sanskrit with the specific aim of promoting the “greatness” (māhātmya) of the town through the narration of tales of origin of individual sites. The present study presents a little-known Vārāṇasīmāhātmya which has survived in a unique compendium of such Māhātmyas in a palm-leaf manuscript in Nepal. It contains a critical edition of the text with an introduction & annotated English synopsis. In making this material available, this study aims to contribute to an understanding of the emplacement of Brahmanical Hinduism, in particular Śaivism.

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Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntabhūṣaṇam. The Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntabhūṣaṇa of Kauṇḍabhaṭṭa with the Nirañjanī commentary by Ramyatna Shukla and Prakāśa explanatory notes by K.V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu. Part III (Samāsaśaktinirṇaya)

Critically edited by K.V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu, Collection Indologie n˚ 149; Shree Somnath Sanskrit University Shastra Grantha series n˚ 7, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval, Gujarat / Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient, 2021, xxxiii, 547 p.

Language: Sanskrit. 1400 Rs (45 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-241-5 (IFP) / 978-93-83097-46-3 (SSSU) / 978-2-85539-244-8 (EFEO)

The Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntabhūṣaṇa, also known as the Vaiyākaraṇabhūṣaṇa, is a commentary on the great 17th-century grammarian Bhaṭṭoji Dīkṣita’s Vaiyākaraṇamatonmajjana, written by Bhaṭṭọji’s nephew Kauṇḍabhaṭṭa. It is one of the most important texts of the late Pāṇinian grammatical tradition on questions of semantics. The main intention of Kauṇḍabhaṭṭa’s commentary is to refute objections raised by proponents of the two rival systems of Logic (Nyāya) and Exegesis (Mīmāṃsā) on various aspects of semantics, and to establish the Grammarians’ views on these subjects. The Vaiyākaraṇasiddhāntabhūṣaṇasāra, an abridged version of the Vaiyākaraṇabhūṣaṇa by the same author, is a popular work that was commented upon more than ten times. On the other hand, nobody so far has attempted to write a commentary on the Vaiyākaraṇabhūṣaṇa itself. The present work contains the Vaiyākaraṇabhūṣaṇa along with a commentary called Nirañjanī by Pandit Ramyatna Shukla and explanatory notes (Prakāśa) by the editor. The edition was prepared by taking a 17th-century manuscript as a basis, and by comparing it with forty manuscripts from different parts of India, as well as with all four published versions, none of which can be regarded as a truly critical edition. The present volume contains the third part of the work, discussing the meaning of Sanskrit compounds (samāsas).

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Of glass, skills and life: Craft consciousness among Firozabad’s glassworkers. Arnaud Kaba in collaboration with Shankare Gowda. Institut Français de Pondichéry / Centre de Sciences Humaines, 2021, 35 p. (CSH-IFP Working Papers - 18)

Though so many women in India do wear the glass bangles from Firozabad, little is known about the daily life and subjectivities of the glass workers. This anthropological paper about Firozabad’s glassworkers explains how their collective subjectivity, their craft consciousness has been shaped by their link to the glass, to the tool of production and its evolution, and by the city’s social and political context. The first part describes the technological and industrial evolution of the cluster, the second explains how the subjectivities of the glassworkers are shaped by their craft consciousness, itself based on the reproduction of the communities which have access to the skills, the last part analyses the relationship of the workers with exploitation, social struggles and the attempts of autonomy.

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