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This biannual newsletter is conceived to give a glimpse of the many and varied projects conducted by the French research centres in India.This third issue in the new online format covers the first half of 2018. Click here for previous issues
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After contributing a few lines to the very first issue of Pattrika, which appeared in September 1999, it happens to fall to the EFEO, and so to me, to write the editorial for the 50th issue. Initially, Pattrika consisted of a single double-page-spread thrice a year, the only pictures being those of the covers of a couple of books. (One of my own books was also announced in Pattrika 1, but the indological publications at the time had no jacket-illustrations, and so these sober covers required no illustration!)

The French ambassador to India at the time, H.E. M. Claude Blanchemaison, wrote the first editorial, alluding to the creations of the three French institutions, the EFEO in Hanoi 1900, the IFP in Pondicherry 1956 and the CSH in Delhi in 1990, thus very roughly charting in time and space the contours of France's evolving preoccupations with India. read more

MANDU (Monsoon, climatic anomalies and society in late medieval India) is an interdisciplinary project on past landscape and waterscape in India, exploring the impact of climatic variation on societal change and the ways people and society responded and adapted to hydroclimate-related risks, insecurity, and extremes in the semi-arid environment of Central India. It tackles a period that is particularly neglected in the social and environmental dynamics of India, i.e. the late Medieval (c. 1100 to 1500 CE), a period of both significant climatic disturbances and sociopolitical and cultural changes. read more

Natural and human-made wetlands surrounding Pondicherry are recognized as important areas for many species of fauna and flora. Kalivelli wetland is a brackish shallow lake located on the Coromandal Coast in Villupuram and Cheyyur districts, North of Pondicherry. Although Kalivelli is a vital wetland for both breeding and wintering waterbirds, and local human communities that exploit the natural resources of the marsh, it also seems to be a degraded one.

The lake is subject to pollution, water depletion, invasion by alien species, and landscape and land-use change read more

Past Events
A two-day workshop entitled "Population, Health and Society in India through the lens of the latest NFHS round" was organised on 13-14 December 2018 at the Institut Français New Delhi, by the organizing committee consisting of Christophe Z Guilmoto (CEPED, Paris), Nicolas Gravel (CSH, New Delhi), KS James (JNU, New Delhi and IIPS, Mumbai) and Abhishek Singh (IIPS, Mumbai). read more

Forthcoming Events

This page presents the agenda of the forthcoming activities and events organised by the IFP, the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO and the CSH. Click to view Agenda


Nadja COURATTE-ARNAUDE, Under-Graduate Student at the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) joined the Ecology Department as a trainee from 27th February to 31st August 2018 to pursue her internship on "Conservation Policies for Coastal Wetlands in South India and Andaman Mangroves" read more


Kashi GOMEZ, a PhD candidate from University of California, Berkeley, USA, was affiliated to the Indology Department of the IFP from 06th June 2018 to 14th December 2018. She pursued her research on "Lady Dindima: Gender, Family Networks and the Transmission of Sanskrit in the Vernacular Age" under the supervision of Mr. M. Kannan, researcher at the Indology Department. read more

S.L.P. Anjaneya Sarma was among the scholars versed in two or more śāstras who were honoured at a ceremony on the occasion of the 10th annual celebration of the Akhila Bhārata Veda Śāstra Vidvatsammelanam, in Duvva, Andhra Pradesh, on 5th and 6th January 2019. read more

L’Inde française et la Grande Guerre. French India and the Great War.
Sous la direction de Frédéric Landy ; avec les contributions de Vanessa Caru, Jacques Frémeaux, Muhammad Lutful Haq, Raphaël Malangin ; traduction vers l'anglais Maurice Shukla, Consulat Général de France à Pondichéry & IFP, 2018, 160 p., ill.
Language: French, English. 1000 Rs (20 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-229-3

In 1914, "French India" is an old colony, composed of five settlements, Pondichéry, Karikal, Mahé, Yanaon, Chandernagor, populous and active despite the smallness of its territory, and marked by a strong policy of assimilation. Far from the Metropolis, it will nevertheless supply one thousand Indian and European soldiers. Thanks to some original research in the archives, but also to the contributions of the families of the combatants, this richly illustrated book is a tribute to these too often forgotten soldiers. read more

STARS (Studies in Tamil Studio Archives and Society) has since 2015 been building a physical and digital archive of Tamil studio photography from the 1880s up to the 1980s. The exhibition "Ephemeral. New Futures for Passing Images" curated by Rahaab Allana (Alkazi Foundation) included images from the STARS physical archive held at the IFP. read more