The bi-monthly edition of IFP newsletter will give you information on the past and future activities of our research centre. Science must be shared and the results of research should reach the widest possible audience. The stakes are particularly high in this post-truth era. The newsletter also aims to increase our visibility. Take the time to discover our new research projects, the new kinds of scientific questioning that happen behind the walls of our heritage building, the use they make of cutting-edge technology. Our activities span a wide gamut of themes that are sure to interest both researchers and the public at large. Come and attend the free lectures of a new series that we have launched, visit our library and explore its rich collections. The staff in place at the IFP comprises of around 80 researchers, engineers, technicians and service staff. Two thirds amongst them are assigned to research projects of the Institute; the other third is allocated to service and administrative tasks. A part of this staff is employed on contract basis in the framework of projects financed through external resources.

We hope that you will continue to follow our activities -- through this newsletter as well as other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram -- and to participate in them whenever you can. If you would like to see other information featured in this newsletter, do share your ideas with us.

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