The French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP), a research institution under the French Ministries of External affairs and of Researchfounded in 1955, carries out research in the fields of culture, environment and society. For details, see: Youngest of the 4 departments of the IFP, the Geomatics (Geospatial Monitoring and Information Technology) department undertakes research programs aiming at monitoring and informing on a world undergoing radical and complex changes. The Geomatics is currently developing methodological research through, for example, the development of new remote sensing and informatics approaches, or the conceptualization and achievement of new and shared ways to access information.

The IFP has, over the years, led several important missions of cartography. The main one is vegetation mapping of India, and more recent and more detailed maps of the western Ghats. Those maps can be a realization within a thematic research of different departments (social sciences or ecology) or part of methodological research in the Geomatics department.

Along the years, most of the research of the Geomatics department focused on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or remote sensing and the members of the departments are now mostly researchers who are leading their own research. On the other hand, a large number of researchers in the IFP still need help in cartography. The IFP want to distinguish research in Geomatics (actual staff) and technical assistance in mapping (to be hired). The IFP cannot, for the moment, ensure neither a long term recruitment or even a contract but is willing to begin with a internship hoping that by the end of the internship a limited contract could be made within the frame of a research program.

Maps are a visual tool of communication in geography and multiple other disciplines. Producing a map, above technical abilities with geographical data, requires ability in graphic design and knowledge in graphic semiology.

In view of the above, the IFP (Geomatics department) has decided to recruit an intern in cartography for the main mission of producing maps in assistance to IFP researchers. To produce these maps the secondary following mission will be held:

  • Collect geographical data from public websites
  • Digitize objects on Google earth images
  • Realize thematic analysis of geographical data
  • Exporting thematic analysis in maps templates
  • Finalization of graphic design on CAD software

The cartographer is intended as an assistant of researchers of any department within IFP needing a map for a research program, conference or publication. The assistance expected mostly concerns graphics. In case the mapping request complex spatial analysis, some help will come from researchers of the Geomatics department.

The main tasks will be on informatics tools :

  • Qgis(open access GIS software)
  • Any open access Computer-Aided Drawing (eg. Inkscape)

This internship includes a part of training along Geomatics team and time of self learning (eg. Qgis Tutorial). Therefore, any candidate with ability with computer and a good sense of graphic design, even without experience on GIS, can apply and can hope that the internship will bring the missing abilities. General knowledge in social science or ecology is most welcome.

In short, we need an assistant in geomatics dedicated to graphical production of maps who is willing to learn how to produce beautiful maps!

Other qualifications: Should be proficient in English (knowledge of Tamil and French will be additional assets).

How to apply: Send a resume and letter of intent to: mentioning in the subject line: Application for post of intern in cartography

Deadline: 29th March 2021

Selection process: The candidates will be auditioned by a jury at the IFP. The audition can be conducted online if required.

Allowance: up to 10000 INR per month.

Period: 6 month starting the 1st of April (start can be negotiated)