from 15 October 2021 to 15 October 2022 (12 months)


Monthly pay : 2647 € (non-contractual compensation set by decree and order, which amount may vary in particular depending on changes in the reference scale, the location of the assignment and the cases of reductions provided for by the texts)


Location of position: French Institute of Pondicherry Job title: Scientific mission officer (specialty: satellite data processing engineer - Remote sensing, geomatics). Description of the proposed missions: - Within the French Institute of Pondicherry, GeoSMIT is the newest and most fragile department in terms of human resources. On the other hand, it is intended to create a link between all the departments and must combine its own scientific programme with assistance to the other departments in terms of processing geographical data. - It arises from this situation a need to divide tasks and prioritize missions in geomatics research within the GeoSMIT department. Of the three pillars of GeoSMIT (remote sensing, geographic information systems, computer science), the first is the one that ensures geosmit its originality and the credibility of its research program in terms of the number of publications and collaborations with other departments. Today, two types of actors are involved in remote sensing research. The director of GeoSMIT whose missions are primarily managerial and whose time dedicated to data processing is reduced. Post-doctoral contracts on projects, hired on one-off assignments. Ifp, by recruiting a VI in satellite image processing, aims to consolidate this organization chart, with a person dedicated to these activities, in support of the institute's transversal actions, and not on an ad hoc basis dedicated to research projects that self-finance this type of recruitment. - The international volunteer (VI) will have to participate in the collection of satellite data, their archiving, pre-processing (harmonization of projections and resolutions, atmospheric corrections). He or she will participate with researchers in the conceptualization of original and adapted treatment chains, the comparative analysis of methods. He or she will carry out the data processing. In collaboration with IT professionals, he or she will participate in the development of data sharing platforms. The VI will participate in the drafting of scientific projects in response to calls for tenders. He/she may also contribute to the writing of scientific articles, in collaboration with the members of the Institute.


Diplomas required: Master / Engineer A master's degree in Geomatics or an engineering school with a solid background in remote sensing. Languages: French, English read, written and spoken fluently Computer skills: Knowledge of image processing software (Terrset, Envi, TNTmips, etc.) is a necessity. A good knowledge of other S.I.G. software (ArcGis, Qgis) is also an expectation. Knowledge of at least one programming language (Python, R) has a certain added value. Skills expected for missions: - A master's degree in Geomatics or an engineering school with a solid background in remote sensing - Mastery of satellite image processing software - Knowledge of S.I.G. software and, is possible, of at least one programming language (Java, Python and JavaScript) - A good culture in social sciences or environmental issues will be appreciated. - Motivation/experience in computer technologies related to geographical information bases - Ability to work in a team - Autonomy of proposal, decision and successful implementation - Mastery of English Professional environment, working hours, availability evenings/weekends, on-call duties: Work at the French Institute of Pondicherry at conventional office hours. Frequent travel / missions: Possible missions on the ifp study areas *** Any application for this offer must necessarily require a prior registration on the site Thank you for sending your CV and cover letter in French, in Word or PDF format (example: LAST Name CV.doc or LAST Name First Name LM.pdf) directly via the platform or by email to elodie.sauvage @ specifying imperatively the reference of the offer in subject of the email (example: VIA123456) Be sure to save the content of this offer when you apply. Any application file sent directly to the French Institute, Consulate or Embassy, or that is incomplete or non-compliant will not be retained. Letters of recommendation and other forms of intervention will not be taken into account. If you do not receive information from us within 8 weeks after the removal of the ad, you may consider that, despite all the interest of your profile, it does not correspond to our current needs. The interviews will necessarily take place in Paris, no coverage of the transport costs by the Ministry is possible. The international volunteer must be eligible to obtain a service passport for that destination. ***



Published date: August 04, 2021

Expiration date: August 10, 2021

CONTACT OFFER: Ms Elodie SAUVAGE (Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs)

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