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PROSPERI J., RAMESH B.R., GRARD P., DEPOMMIER D., JAYATISSA L.P. and ARAVAJY S., 2005. Mangroves v.1.0. A multimedia identification system of mangroves species of South-East India and Sri Lanka [CD-ROM], Collection Ecologie; 44, Institut Français de Pondichéry / CIRAD, Pondicherry. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

DAHDOUH-GUEBAS F., JAYATISSA L.P., DI NITTO D., BOSIRE J.O., LO SEEN D. and KOEDAM N., 2005. Erratum: How effective were mangroves as a defence against the recent tsunami?, Current Biology, 15 (14) : 1337-1338, DOI : [Publisher link]
JAYATISSA L.P., GUERO M.C., HETTIARACHCHI S. and KOEDAM N., 2002. Changes in vegetation cover and socio-economic transitions in a Coastal Lagoon (Kalametiya, Sri Lanka), As observed by teledetection and ground truthing, can be attributed to an upstream irrigation scheme, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 4 (2) : 167-183. [Publisher link]