The French Institute of Pondicherry partners with Alliance Francaise Pondichery to bring you "Les Rencontres de l'IFP". This unique cycle of conferences, involving researchers from IFP, aims at sharing scientific knowledge experiences and perspectives with the general public.
To inaugurate this series, Jalil Nordman (Senior Research Fellow, IRD Associated Researcher IFP) will do us the honor of presenting the first episode of his documentary series "One Side of the Road", titled "Vijaya" as well as the short documentary "Unmask the Collective Action: The COVINDIA project." Please find more details below

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Affiche One Side of the Road

Date and Time : Monday, May 2, 2022 - 7pm

Venue : Auditorium, Alliance Francaise de Pondichéry, 58, Suffren St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001

Synopsis :

"In the spring of 2020, the COVID pandemic struck without warning bringing the world to a standstill. The lockdown in India was implemented in just four hours after the news of the pandemic was announced. Millions of lives in the vulnerable segments of the society were the first to feel the heat of the lockdown. Migrant workers living precarious lives,  their plight tied to daily wages from seasonal jobs, found themselves unable to go to work, unable to repay their debts, unable to sell their agricultural produce, and unable to fulfill  their basic needs. In rural areas of Tamil Nadu, and elsewhere, agricultural activities were interrupted and people had to rely on their own resources and families.

Away from a factual narration of this unprecedented international shock, the documentary series One Side of the Road offers crossed portraits of four common characters of a village in Tamil Nadu, four Dalit villagers grappling with their daily difficulties, near Panruti, 60 km away from Pondicherry. Four characters that form a journey of bits of life across two extraordinary years.

In the first episode projected on May 2, 2022 (25 minutes), Vijaya, a female seasonal labourer, tells a story of the constant, everyday struggle: bad working conditions, bonded-labour traps in sugar cane fields and brick chambers, domestic and social violence. The documentary will ultimately appear in four related episodes

One Side of the Road will be preceded by a short projection (12 minutes) of "Unmask the Collective Action: The COVINDIA project." This documentary offers a restitution of an IFP-ODRIIS (Observatory of Rural Dynamics and Inequalities in South India, IRD-IFP) research-action. In July-August 2020, the research-action project (COVINDIA) attempted to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable populations in 10 villages of Tamil Nadu through the distribution of basic necessities and meals to vulnerable families. The COVINDIA project relied on the village SHGs (Self-Help Groups), a women’s solidarity system already in place in these villages. The documentary offers scientific feedback on the power and visibility of women in a context of jeopardised village solidarity."