Les Rencontres de l’IFP

7th December 2022, 7PM | Alliance Française Auditorium (Puducherry)

We are happy to launch the monthly conference in collaboration with the Alliance Française, Puducherry.
This month’s presentation is by Jalil Nordman (IRD, IFP) who will be screening his Documentary film followed by a Q&A session.

One side of the Road

A documentary series by Jalil Nordman (IRD, IFP)

Chronicles of lives and hardships across two extraordinary years of the pandemic in a Tamil village - Episodes 1, 2 and 3 (60 minutes)


A small village in Tamil Nadu in southern India has a road running through it. This road is a border that divides the habitats and it is a gateway to a larger world, the nearby industrial city, a means of possible emancipation for some, but the enslavement of others by the spatial segregation of castes in these rural areas of southern India. Between 2019 and 2021, four Dalits from the same village tell a story of permanent daily struggle: over-indebtedness, poor working conditions in the sugarcane fields and brick kiln factories, domestic and social violence, and political unrest. These four characters describe their daily lives in four episodes. Fragile lives on one side of the road, a ‘feeding’ partition of the territory; a road providing access to new jobs, education, a way to financial and social emancipation; but also segregating people on the basis of their social identities, that are created depending on the side of the road to which their destinies are entwined. A road that brings them together, at the same time.

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Jalil Nordman (IRD, IFP): jalil.nordman@ird.fr

IFP Communication: ifpcom@ifpindia.org