The Department of Indology is organizing a two-day international seminar on the topic ‘Kāvyadoṣa’ (Poetic flaw) on the 4th and 5th of August 2022. A poetic flaw is a reason that obstructs the real essence of the poem (in Sanskrit) intended by a poet. This flaw may exist in a word, sentence, or even in the sense of a poem.

Many poets starting from Bharatamuni, the author of Nātyaśāstra, had discussed poetic flaws a lot and each had a different opinion and categorization. But, on the whole, the cumulative view of the poets on the flaws is that a poet should avoid flaws while composing a poem even if a few flaws are considered not to be major blemishes. There are many texts in Sanskrit literature that discuss poetic flaws. Around 12 renowned scholars are invited to deliver their talks either on a particular poetic flaw or on a group of poetic flaws with a special reference to the text or the poet/rhetorician they choose. The seminar will be organized in a bilingual mode (Sanskrit and English).

Speakers will present their papers in English to make the seminar accessible. Dr. Vinoth M, Researcher, Indology Department, will be organizing the seminar on the behalf of the department with the assistance of other researchers.

International seminar on Kavyadosa