The French Institute of Pondicherry can provide many insights to understand the origin, spread and consequences of epidemics. Environmental crises such as COVID-19 are systemic crises. Not only natural environment disturbances but also public policies, poverty, nutrition or movement of people reduce or increase COVID-19 impacts human societies. Through the IFP’s multidisciplinary research involving ecology, botany, social sciences, spatial analysis with remote sensing satellite observations, the Institute is highlighting critical points for a better understanding of the present coronavirus tragedy.


The Covid-19 Crisis in India. A Nascent Humanitarian Tragedy [Link]

French version: L’Inde face à la crise du Covid-19. Une tragédie humanitaire à venir [Link]

En Inde, les travailleurs migrants abandonnés à leur sort [Link]

Covid 19: Image, sound, movement ... people [Link]

Un confiné parmi d’autres à Pondichéry [Link]


L’Institut Français de Pondichéry face au COVID19 [PDF]

La plateforme “Système alimentaire local et durable de Pondichéry” / The platform “The sustainable and local food system of Pondicherry” [French] & [English]

Coastal Transformations and Fisher wellbeing. Synthetized perspectives from India and Europe (FISHERCOAST) [Link]

Networks, Employment, dEbt, Mobility and Skills in India Survey (NEEMSIS) [Link]


1.1 Human migrations and livelihoods

1.2 Health and food: Public policies

1.3. Food and health: Practices and knowledge

  • Conservation, documentation and preservation of the knowledge of siddha medicine (EAP810)
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1.4 Environment and Ecology

  • Soil carbon stocks, deforestation and land-cover changes in the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot (Abstract)
  • India Biodiversity Portal (Website)