A new name for the department of Geomatics

(previously Geospatial monitoring and information technology)

In order to make the name of the GeoSMIT department align better with the names of the other 3 departments at the IFP (a concise discipline name and not a long acronym; easy to translate from French to English), the department will now be called the department of geomatics (“géomatique”enfrançais).

Geomatics is a neologism (since 1975…) resulting from the concatenation of Geography and informatics. Our missions, research questions and scientific activities remain the same. Geospatial monitoring of vegetation with satellite imagery, coastal vulnerability mapping and IT applied to biodiversity and geographical data remain our 3 axis of research.

Our department is always warmly welcoming any interdisciplinary project involving geomatics from other departments at IFP and from outside!