MoSS#14 will take place on Monday, May 16, 2022 at 11am in Coromandel Hall.

Pauline Baudens (University Bordeaux-Montaigne/FinEst Centre for Smart Cities, TalTech University) will do us the honor of presenting her PhD research subject under the title "Unequal access of women to the digitalisation of transport - Reconsideration of the inclusive smart city in India".

Please find below the abstract:

"Over the last years, we observe a multiplication of mobile apps offering transport and security services. As a result, the journey planning and travel habits of working women have been transformed, as the usage of these mobile apps have often become part of their day-to-day mobility strategies.

This presentation will be an opportunity to showcase the results of data collection conducted among authorities, service operators, and women, for two months in Pune. This first thesis’s fieldwork aims to observe the evolution of travel strategies and mobility choices, with a focus on women in IT having a high economic background. In the future, other ladies’ groups will be included in the study to compare digital appropriation regarding economic backgrounds."