Pollen Grains of South Indian Trees is a graphical identification system of the pollen taxa of South India. This work was brought out initially as a CD-ROM by Vasanthy, G. and Grard, P. (2017) as a novel light microscopic pollen identification tool. It provides 135 graphical pollen character states; a combination of them serves as a key giving the identity of the parent plant species. This new type of identification is more attractive than terminology dependent keys in conventional or traditional floras.

Indeed, this user-friendly tool from the IFP takes the credit of the first of its kind: the graphic identification system of pollen grains without the use of plethora of scientific terms and a self teaching tool enabling many levels of users to learn Palynology by “click of the mouse”.

About 74% of the genera in this pollen identification software are “stenopalynous” (±same type of pollen characterizing all the species of a genus, a tribe etc.). These taxa characterized by monotypic pollen are mostly of wider geographic distribution (see Generic Distribution). This fact implies that this will serve as a research tool for Indian as well as International users.

This Pollen Identification Software is a continuation of the IFP Palynological publications: Guinet, Ph. (1962), Vasanthy, G. (1976), Thanikaimoni, G. (1987) and Tissot, C., Chikhi, H. & Nayar, T.S. (1994). The multimedia databases in this pollen identification software add the micro-taxonomic information to 107 tree taxa of the Western Ghats in Pascal, J.-P. & Ramesh, B.R. (1987) and 11 taxa of Mangroves in Prosperi, J. et al. (2005). Most of the trees from the Western Ghats included in this work are also selected for a taxonomic IFP-CIRAD project: BIOTIK (Biodiversity Informatics and Co-operation in Taxonomy for Interactive shared Knowledge base) - Online;BIOTIK CD-ROM.

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