Select Publications

Non peer-reviewed journal articles

DESMOTS E., MATHEVET R., PROISY C. and ARUNKUMAR P., 2018. Kaḻiveḷi : vaḷrccikum vaḷm pēṇaliṟkum iṭaiyil.. (Kalivelli wetlands: in the quest for integrated conservation and development?), Uyir, 44-47.

Conference papers (published)

MATHEVET R., DESMOTS E., ANBARASAN P., BALACHANDRAN N., MUTHUSANKAR G., PROISY C., GHOSH S. and BAUTES N., 2019. Looking for Integrated Conservation and Development of the Coramandel Coastal Wetlands: The case Study of Kaluveli (Tamil Nadu, South India), Paper presented at the International Symposium on Advances in Coastal Research with Special Reference to Indo Pacific (AdCoRe IP-2019) from 17th-19th December 2019, Chennai, India, p. 156-157.