Seminar & Events


This section presents the International Seminars, National Seminars, Book launches, and other notable events organized by the French Institute of Pondicherry.


Seminars & Events
March 9 MOSS#6 Rethinking the Cauvery Delta as Resource:From river water to new economies [PDF]
February 13 MOSS#5 Making of Social Sciences - Becoming Urban: Caste and Land on the Periphery of Bangalore [PDF]
January 27 MOSS#4 Elections for ‘Dummies’? Democracy, Chicanery, and Electoral Practice in Modern India [PDF]
January 9 MOSS#3 Social Business in Coercive Political Economies: An Anthropological Approach [PDF]
February 11 Gender analysis of Development Studies: A French-Indian dialogue from social sciences and humanities &  [Poster]
January 22  -  25 Local food system of Pondicherry: A discussion on food sovereignty and agro-ecology transition &  [Poster]
December 13 MOSS#2 Bans & Bar Girls. Performing Caste in Mumbai’s Dance Bars [PDF]
December 02 - 06 Social Sciences Winter School In Pondicherry - Fifth Edition and [Download Booklet  - PDF]
October 31 MOSS#1 An ethnography of religious transgressions in Pakistan [PDF]
September 11 - 14 Technical training workshop on "Pollen based estimates of past land cover in South and Southeast Asia" and Download Flyer [IMAGE] Download Programme: 1-Common&Pollen BasedLC [PDF]    2-Archeology&History based LU [PDF]
August 26 - 29 Craft, Labour, Science: Making knowledge with Practitioners
August 19 ֠20 Training workshop in Development FinanceDownload Programme [PDF]
July 11 ֠12 Workshop on "Social History of Mathematical practices in South India" or Download Programme [PDF] and Download Flyer [PDF]
March 21 ֠22 Workshop on Spatial and Environmental Justice or Download Programme [PDF]
March 07 ֠08 Workshop on "What is an archive in India and Europe?" or Download Programme [PDF]
January 04  -  06 Local food system of Pondicherry : A discussion on food sovereignty and agro-ecology   [Download in Tamil]
December 03 ֠07 Social Sciences Winter School or Download Poster [PDF]
October 15 ֠17 Workshop on 'Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in Asia: Governance and Societies Confronted with Environmental Challenges'
October 23 ֠25 International Conference of CIFEODD 2018 on "Ecosystems and Sustainable Development: Human and natural transformations of coastal and terrestrial ecosystems"
August 12, 2018 Pacippi?i: Writings on Hunger from Tamil South India
August 21 - 22 Literary Circulations in South Asia: Producing, Translating, Preserving Texts
February 2 Debate on ANTHROPOCENE: How Large is the Human Footprint on Nature?
January 29 - February 4 Workshop on "INQUA HaBCom Training Workshop: Methods and Chanllenges for Quantitative Palynology and Paleoecology in South Asia."
January 29-30 History of Vernacular Mathematical Practices in India
October 25 ֠26 Saiva Agama & Saiva Siddhanta
July 16-17 Gender, Livelihoods and Collective Action
December 4-8 2017 Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry (SSWSP)
August 18 Workshop on "Canals and Computations: Irrigation and Social Relations in the Kaveri Delta"
July 20-21 Workshop for Doctoral Researchers: "Research in South Asian Studies: A Platform for Dialogue"
February 22-24 DATAH - Exploring the Digital Archive Tamil Agrarian History 1650-1950
December 7-9 Breakdowns and Ruptures in Temple Life
November 28 - December 2 2016 Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry
June 7-8 Workshop on "Cinematics"
January 18-24 INQUA-HaBCom Workshop cum Training Programme on "Prehistory, Plants and People"
December 26-29 School: "Political Economy as People's Report: Rethinking a Nineteenth Century Science for our Times"
December 22-23 Workshop: "Politically Mathematics"
February 25-28 Pondy Photo 2016 workshop
February 7 Workshop on "Siddha Palm Leaf Manuscripts"
February 2 - March 22 Water Festival 2016 organised by "All for WATER for All" collective
November 28 Book launch: Ґopulism and Power: Farmerӳ Movement in Western India 1980-2014Ҽ/a>
August 27 - September 11 Water through the eyes of IFP researchers
November 18 60th anniversary celebrations of the French Institute of Pondicherry
July 17-18 Finurbasie Workshop: "Land and Real Estate Dynamics: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on China and India's Urbanization"
December 14-16 Veda & Agama: Meeting grounds and developments
November 6 The French Institute of Pondicherry: 60 years of joint research and collaboration on past, present and future India
August 19 Biodiversity Awareness Workshop using Open Source Geospatial Software (FOSS4G) Tools
May 5 Water Stewardship for Sustainable Development of the Bioregion
December 18-19 Indian Literature as Comparative Literature: Regional Modernisms and the Idea of Indian Literature
December 9-11 17th National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Networking - NACLIN 2014
December 7-13 Social Sciences Winter School in Pondicherry
November 14 Workshop on "Islamic Law and Property Distribution in India"
October 27-November 2 INQUA-HaBCom Workshop 'Palaeoanthropological Perspectives on Plant Communities in South Asia'
October 14-16 Workshop for ANR project PP1617 "Panini and the Paninians of the 16th-17th centuries"
June 19-20 Research in Tamil Studies: A Platform for Dialogue
May 16-18 Eighth Annual Tamil Studies Conference 2014
February 25-28 Indo-French Workshop "Is an integrated management of surface and ground water possible?"
Permanent Palatial Houses in the South of India
Permanent Old Pondicherry (1673-1824) revisited
October 21-25 Second workshop of the program Ԑa?ini and the Pa?iniyas in the 16th and 17th centuriesԼ/a>
September 27-28 Workshop on Indian Literature as Comparative Literature: Regional Modernisms and the Idea of Indian Literature
March 6-8 Pasts in the Present: Tamil Grammar and its Contemporary Predicaments
February 21-22 Documenting through Film in Social Science Research
August 24 Buddhism in Tamil Nadu with special reference to Classical Tamil Literature
August 21-23 Workshop on Understanding Labour: Region, Caste and Gender, Through Tamil History and Literature
August 6 Workshop on Biodiversity Informatics and Ecological Sciences in India
April 23-24 Provincial Urbanization. Examining the role of small and medium towns and cities in India
31st January-1st February National seminar on Interdisciplinary approach to tolkappiyam
March 1-3 Food and health in cross-cultural perspectives : policies and practices
February 13-17 Puducherry Urban Asset Planning: Participatory Asset Appraisal Guidelines
September 24-25 Research in Tamil Studies: A Platform for Dialogue
June 14 Census Data Dissemination workshop
April 3-5 Ecology series at the Alliance fran袩se de Pondich곹
December 15-17 "Low-Tech/High-Tech" Workshop
November 8 ANDROMAQUE South Asia team ֠1st meeting
January 27-29 IGBP PAGES PHAROS Land-cover reconstructions in the monsoon affected Tropical world - pollen modeling approach and data synthesis
January 27 India and Europe : from Barlaam to Brecht
November 25 Workshop on Biodiversity Informatics
November 14-15 Experimental workshop on Tamil Customary Law: Knowledge and Practice
August 10-12 Writing History and Literature: Ideas and Practice
December 7-10 POLTRAIN 2010
December Commemoration of the 50th year of the Laboratory of Palynology: 2010-2011
December 17-18 Tamil and Tamil Akam at the Crossroads
September 10-11 Pharmasud Workshop #2 ֠Pharmaceutical Innovations in the Ayurvedic Industry
July 4-5 Transnational Healthcare in Asia
February 25-26 Indian Manuscripts and their Preservation: Strategies for Conservation, Diffusion and Awareness
February 9-10 Pharmasud Workshop #1 ֠Pharmaceutical Innovations in the Ayurvedic Industry
July 16-17 Indiapolis Workshop - Urbanization in India
January-December Exhibition Ԃiodiversity is life, Biodiversity is our lifeԠof the UNESCO