GeoSpatial Monitoring and Information Technology (GeoSMIT) (ex LIAG)
Map of the Western Ghats
Map of the Western Ghats
GeoSMIT Department
Three research axes are currently being developed in the GEOSMIT department:
1. Spatial monitoring and observations of vegetation changes in terrestrial and coastal ecosystems using remote sensing (with focus on mangroves)
2. Vulnerability of human and natural environments to pressures induced by oceanic processes, climate change and anthropogenic activities (with focus on the Tamil Nadu coast)
3. Information technology dedicated to scientific data manipulation and knowledge sharing (with focus on biodiversity )
IFP internal training sessions
1. Watch the data that are watching you! (for beginners)
2. Map your images into figures! (for beginners)
3. Basics on GIS (for beginners)
4. Mind your GPS data step by step! (for beginners) --- soon coming
5. Manipulate Earth images like your flower pots! (for no-limit beginners)
2018 Visiting scientists
1. Visit of Dr. P. Ragavan, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow
29 January 2018. Objective: Toward joint interdisciplinary projects for the conservation of Andaman mangroves
2. Visit of Dr. J. Bové, Science Attaché, French Ambassy, Bangalore
29 March 2018. Objective: Presention of GeoSMIT research activities and discussion on R&D potential partnerships in India
3. Visit of R. Narendran, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Annamalai University
3 April 2018. Objective: Toward joint interdisciplinary projects for the monitoring zonations of mangrove species
4. Visit of Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor of the Pondicherry University
7 June 2018. Objective: Presentation of the GeoSMIT research activities and strategy for developing research on the Andaman mangroves
Invited Talks/Lectures
1. 3rd January 2018 "Remote sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone management" by G. Muthusankar
UGC-Human resource Development Centre, Pondicherry University, Puducherry
2. 1st February 2018, "Potential and limits of medium and high resolution optical imagery for mapping vegetation patterns" by C. Proisy
French Institute of Pondicherry, INQUA HaBCom Training Workshop: Methods and Challenges for Quantitative Palynology and Paleoecology in South Asia 
3. 1st February 2018, "Multiscale and multisource RS and GIS analysis for Vegetation Studies" by G. Muthusankar
French Institute of Pondicherry, Puducherry
INQUA HaBCom Training Workshop: Methods and Challenges for Quantitative Palynology and Paleoecology in South Asia
4. 14th March 2018, "GIS and Application to History" by G. Muthusankar
UGC-Human resource Development Centre, Pondicherry University, Puducherry
5. 10th April 2018, "Land–use change Cuddalore district viewed through maps" by G. Muthusankar
Institute for ocean Management (IOM), Anna University, Chennai with University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
14th Indo-Dutch Course on “Protecting Coastal lands and Livelihood”
6. 13 June 2018. "Coastal Vulnerability due to climate change sea level rise and natural hazards" ICMAM project
G. Muthusankar in the expert committee member for selection of Junior Research Fellows, Bharathidasan university, Trichirapalli.
2018 Important meetings & international conferences
1. 19-20 January 2018. "High resolution satellite images and spatial oceanography for monitoring mangroves sustainability" by C. Proisy. A Bonjour India Event, Workshop 'Sustaining Indian Mangroves', Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
2. 5-9 March 2018. "On the monitoring of mangrove forests using very high spatial resolution optical satellite imagery" by C. Proisy.  Institute of Marine Research and Observation (IMRO), KKP, Negara, Bali, Indonesia, Indeso Project. Local contacts: Dr Frida Sidik, Dr. Denny Wijaya Kusuma, Dr. Nyoman Radiarta.
3. 20-24 April 2018."Towards research projects dedicated to the conservation of the Andaman mangroves" by C. Proisy, R. Mathevet, G. Muthusankar, D. Lemoine. Department of Ocean Studies and Marine Biology (Pr. Mohan, Dr. Ragavan) and Department of Coastal Disaster Management (Dr. Dharanidarajan), University of Pondicherry, Port Blair, Andaman
4. 13-18 May 2018. "When socio-economic plans exacerbate vulnerability to physical coastal processes on the southeast coast of India" by G. Muthusankar. International Coastal Symposium, 2018, Busan, Republic of Korea.
5. 28 May 2018. 'Launch of the Assam Biodiversity Portal' by D. Balasubramanian and G. Muthusankar, funded by Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation Society, Assam State Biodiversity Board, Guwahati, Assam
6. 12 June 2018. "MoU and planning long term research work in the Pichavaram mangroves and elsewhere in India", Bharathidasan University, Department of Marine Science, Pr. A. James by C. Proisy, G. Muthusankar, D. Lemoine
Dr. G. MUTHUSANKAR, for Axis 2