Workshop on Local food system of Pondicherry: A discussion on food sovereignty and agro-ecology.
January 22- 25, 2020
French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP)

French Institute of Pondicherry in collaboration with Agricultural department of Pondicherry is organising three-day workshop between January 22, 23, 24 and 25th 2020 on Local food system of Pondicherry : A discussion on food sovereignty and agro-ecology.

The objective is to organise a collaborative network that integrates sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption in order to enhance the environmental, economic, and social health of Pondicherry. We want to create a platform to collectively discuss and decide what are the ‘food priorities’ of the community.
The design of the meeting is organised in three-day activities:
22nd - 23rd January – Conferences and participatory debate at the French Institute on City region food system and discussion with urban citizens.
                24th January: Site visit of organic farming and public debate on the food system in practice.
25th January:  Exhibition on organic food in the street adjacent to French Institute. The organic producers invite the public to visit their stall and discuss with them on their value addition of their production including the revival of millets and traditional seeds. There will be discussion on the food recipe and sharing of food.
Workshop Programme [PDF]
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