IFP Workshop: Fish workers and coastal transformation: Sharing perspectives

The IFP in collaboration with the Madras Institute of Development

Studies (MIDS), Chennai, is organizing a two-day workshop to

disseminate the findings of the Fishercoast Project and engage in

general discussion on the current challenges of fisheries and blue


The Fishercoast Project is an interdisciplinary project where

members of Social Sciences, Ecology and GeoSMIT Departments at

the IFP participated. As part of the project, we studied the

Cuddalore coast for the last three years, focusing on geophysical

changes, impact of industrialization, emerging conflicts within

fisheries and possibilities for more just means for fisher well being.

This workshop is funded by the Indian Council for Social Science

Research (ICSSR) through the MIDS.

Writers, journalists, documentary filmmakers, activists and

researchers will be participating in this workshop. A focus is to

share ideas and discuss ways to place the issues of fish workers to

the public.

*Invitees Only

Fish workers and coastal transformation: Sharing perspectives