It is well known that the Veda-s and the Agama-s are the two most important fundamental textual traditions of India and they are the foundations for the entire Indian culture.

While much research and study have been devoted to research on the Veda-s in the preceding centuries, not much has been done in the field of Āgama studies. The French Institute of Pondicherry since its very foundation has taken up the task of delving deep into the domain of the Saiva Agama-s and it is a pioneer in the Saiva Agama studies and research.

The French Institute of Pondicherry had collected an enormous amount of palm-leaf manuscripts which has been acclaimed by the UNESCO in its Register Memory of the World. In the course of six decades of its existence it has so far critically edited and published a dozen of original Saiva Āgama-s of the Saivasiddhānta system on the basis of its manuscript collection.


At the juncture of its completion of 60 years, the French Institute reviews its research programme and the national seminar VEDA & AGAMA: MEETING GROUNDS AND DEVELOPMENTS from 14-16, December, 2015 organised by the DEPARTMENT OF INDOLOGY, FRENCH INSTITUTE in collaboration with MAHARSHI SANDIPANI RASHTRIYA VEDAVIDYA PRATISHTHAN, UJJAIN is aimed at bringing scholars in the field of Veda-s as well as Saiva Agama-s to discuss mutual influences and individual specialities of these two great textual traditions of India.


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