Seminar on
Gender analysis of Development Studies
A French-Indian dialogue from social sciences and humanities 2020

Organized by
The French Institute of Pondicherry, social sciences department
Pondicherry University,

Department of Women studies and Department of French
Contact :
- Social Sciences Department, IFP (Hélène Guétat-Bernard (,
and Venkat Subramanian (, M. Kannan (
- Aruna Chinnappan, Department of Women studies ( and
Ritu Tyagi, Department of French, Pondicherry University (
This seminar entitled “Gendered Analysis of Development Studies: Indo-French Perspectives from Social Sciences and Humanities” aims to deliberate on women, gender and their matters related to the Indian development model and its effects on particular issues of rural and urban dynamics/private and public spaces, agriculture/food/biodiversity/relationship to nature and common goods, inequality/poverty/labour relations/migration/diaspora, political participation/empowerment, etc. through a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. The intersectionality theory helps us to identify how overlapping categories of identity impact individuals and institutions, and take these relationships into account when working to promote social and political equity. We extend this logic to provide a transdisciplinary space where different disciplines that investigate women oppression, discrimination, and possibilities of emancipation academically and non-academically come together to enrich our understanding of gender issues in meaningful ways, facilitating women empowerment and providing them substantial agency to progress and make decisions pertaining to their lives and bodies. The aim is to continue to reflect on the effects of taking gender into account in the approach to development and, conversely, to analyse how development studies from a North-South perspective can contribute to gender studies. This seminar invites scholars from different disciplines in Social Sciences and Humanities, along with authors, artists, photographers, activists, NGOs, social workers in order to discuss issues within local and global contexts, in particular the dialogue between Indian and French scholars working on gender issues. The idea is to use different voices to analyse the changes taking place. On the subjects we focus, the challenge is to address different views and build bridges between academic research and action.
- Constitute a network of researchers in order to encourage interdisciplinary links for presentation of research proposal in collaboration
- Articulate gendered approach in Social Sciences and Humanities
- Collaborations between India, France and Europe (for example, in interaction in India with Indian Association of Women Studies, MIDS, IIT Madras, in France with réseau Arpège
Toulouse, European master Egales, EHESS Paris).
- Discussions, dialogues and finding possibilities of collaboration between academic and civil society, grassroots organisations
- training the young generation, create an academic space for dialogue
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