Dr. Christophe PROISY took up his post as the new Head of the Laboratory of Applied Informatics and Geomatics (LIAG) at the IFP on October 18, 2016. He replaces Dr. Maxime REJOU-MECHAIN, who left after 2 years spent at the Institute and who has now been appointed as a researcher at the Institute of Research for Development (IRD), AMAP research Unit in Montpellier, France.
Mr. Christophe PROISY is 48 years old, is married and has 1 child. With a PhD in Radar remote Sensing of forest dynamics, he joined the IRD, France, as a researcher in 2001. He has been mainly involved in mangrove and coastal zone monitoring for 23 years, in Southern countries (French Guiana, Brazil, India, Indonesia). Driven by a taste for interdisciplinary works, he participated and coordinated more than10 international research projects in the field of mangrove habitat characterization thanks to the use of optical, radar and lidar remote sensing techniques and models (ecology, signal physics, oceanography).