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GARCIA C.A., VENDÉ J., NANAYA K.M., NAY M., KALLA J. and [et al.], 2019. Understanding coffee farmers: using games to explore future coffee agroforestry landscapes in the Western Ghats (India), In: Dupraz C., Gosme M., Lawson G. (ed), Book of Abstracts, 4th World Congress on Agroforestry held at Montpellier, France from 20-22 May 2019. Agroforestry: strengthening links between science, society and policy, CIRAD, INRA, World Agroforestry, Agropolis International, MUSE, Montpellier, p. 587, Link in HAL: [Publisher link]


LEROY M., GARCIA C., AUBERT P.-M., VENDÉ J., BERNARD C., BRAMS J., CARON C., JUNKER C., PAYET G. and RIGAL S., 2011. Thinking the Future: Coffee, Forests and People. Conservation and Development in Kodagu, AgroParisTech -ENGREF, Paris, 90 p..
VENDÉ J., 2010. Management of tree cover in coffee-based agroforestry systems of Kodagu. ComMod approach for integrated renewable resources management, AgroParisTech, CIRAD, Instiut Français Pondichéry & Popular, Montpellier, 180 p.. [Publisher link]