Select Publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

MOHAPATRA P.P., STEPHEN A., PRASAD S., SINGH P. and ANUPAMA K., 2019. Late Pleistocene and Holocene vegetation changes and anthropogenic impacts in the Cauvery delta plains, southern India, Quaternary International, 507 : 249-261,, Uploaded in HAL dt. 19.04.2019. [Publisher link]
AYYAPPAN N., STEPHEN A., MUTHUSANKAR G., JEYAKUMAR S. and PRESENA J., 2016. Spatio-temporal changes in fringe mangrove extent in Pondicherry, India after two phenomenal perturbations: tsunami and cyclone Thane, Tropical Ecology, 57 (2) : 361-368. [Publisher link]
STEPHEN A., REDDY C.D. and CHRISTOPHER P.J., 2012. Effect of Pre-sowing treatments on seed germination of Syzgium cumini (L.) skeels, Advances in Plant Sciences, 25 (1) : 297-299.
STEPHEN A., ANUPAMA K., ARAVAJY S. and LIVINGSTONE C., 2012. Leaf classes, foliar phenology and life forms of selected woody species from the tropical forests of central and southern Eastern Ghats, India, CheckList, 8 (6) : 1248-1266. [Publisher link]
STEPHEN A., 2012. Natural disasters in India with special reference to Tamil Nadu, Journal of Academia and Industrial Research, 1 (2) : 59-67. [Publisher link]
RAJANIKANTH A., AGARWAL A. and STEPHEN A., 2010. An integrated inquiry of early cretaceous flora, Palar Basin, India, Phytomorphology, 60 : 21-28.
ANUPAMA K., PRASAD S., PONNUCHAMY R. and STEPHEN A., 2010. Facets of applied palynology at the French Institute of Pondicherry over the last fifty years, Journal of Palynology, 46 ('Vistas of Palynological Science', Prof. M.S. Swaminathan Festschrift volume) : 343-363.
STEPHEN A., ANUPAMA K., ORUKAIMANI G. and PRASAD S., 2008. A new microsieving technique in pollen analysis, The Palaeobotanist, 57 : 551-557.

Conference papers (published)

STEPHEN A., ANUPAMA K., ARAVAJY S. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2008. Leaf trait measurements in southern Eastern Ghats and their applications, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Conservation of the Eastern Ghats, December 28-29, 2007. Organized by ENVIS Centre, Hyderabad, p. 188-197.

Theses / Dissertations / Habilitation

STEPHEN A., 2011. Pollen analysis of lake sediments, surface soils and leaf trait measurements in the Eastern Ghats, India, PhD Thesis : Department of Botany, Madras Christian College (Autonomous) (Affiliated to University of Madras), Chennai, Advisor: C. Livingstone.


SUDHAKAR S., ANUPAMA K., PRASAD S., PUJAR G.S., SHILPA B., SUDHA K., STEPHEN A., ASLAM A. and ARAVAJY S., 2007. Modern Pollen Rain in the Eastern Ghats for Reconstruction of Paleovegetation and climate: Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, Final Report of Palynological & Ecological component, ISRO-DOS Biosphere geosphere Studies Series, FED_ NRSA, July. .