Scientific Production

Scientific Production


The list below contains the scientific production of the French Institute of Pondicherry from 2009 onwards. It includes books, edited books, CD-ROMs, maps, book chapters, articles, published conference papers, theses, reports, working papers, awards and other miscellaneous publications.

For publications brought out under the imprint of the IFP and available for sale, please visit the Bookstore page. For the IFP’s scientific production deposited in the HAL-SHS open archive see the IFP's HAL-SHS page.


Awards and Honours

MISHRA D., 2015. Awarded the Maharshi Badrayan Vyas Samman Award for the year 2015 by the Government of India for his outstanding work as a young scholar in Sanskrit .
SAMBANDAN S., 2015. Awarded the Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour for the year 2014 by the Government of India for lifetime achievement in Sanskrit language and literature .
SUBBARAYALU Y., 2015. Awarded the Hem Chandra Raychaudhuri Birth Centenary Gold Medal by the Asiatic Society for 2014 .


DELOCHE J., 2014. Contribution to the History of the Wheeled Vehicle in India, Collection Indologie; 126, Institut Français de Pondichéry / École française d'Extrême Orient, Pondicherry, viii, 145 p., ill., ISBN: 978-81-8470-201-9 (IFP) / 978-2-85539-217-2 (EFEO). [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., 2014. La microfinance et ses dérives: émanciper, discipliner ou exploiter ?, Démopolis, Paris, ISBN: 978-2-35457-049-1. [Publisher link]
PRAKASH V., 2014. Pāṭa āyviyal kaiyeṭu, Ataiyalam, Tirucci, xv, 110 p., ISBN: 978-81-7720-228-1.
SUBBARAYALU Y., MUTHUSANKAR G. and BALAMURUGAN P., 2014. Iṭaikkālat Tamiḻnāṭṭil Nāṭukaḷum ūrkaḷum : ki. Pi. 800-1300, Tamiḻakat Tolliyal Kaḻakam, Tañcavur, 56 p.
TATACHARYA N.S.R. and VEEZHINATHAN N., 2014. The Kārikāvalī - Muktāvalī - Dinakarī with the commentary Rajīvollāsa by N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya. Part II. Upamāna-Khaṇḍa, Śabda-Khaṇḍa and Guṇa-Khaṇḍa, Sri Mahalakshmi-Mathrubhutheswarar Trust, Chennai, xv, 568 p., Edited by N. Veezhinathan.

Edited books

KANNAN M., WHITTINGTON R., SENTHIL BABU D. and BUCK D.C. (ed.), 2014. Time Will Write a Song For You : Contemporary Tamil Writing from Sri Lanka, Regards sur l'Asie du Sud / South Asian Perspectives; 5, Penguin Books India in association with French Institute of Pondicherry, Gurgaon, xxx, 273 p., ISBN: 978-0-143-42304-1.
KANNAN M. (ed.), 2014. Nilammāki varum katai : Srilankan Tamil short stories, Vitial patippakam, Coimbatore, 100 p., ISBN: 978-81-89867-93-5.
KANNAN M. (ed.), 2014. Puyal pārvai : Srilankan Tamil memoir, Vitial patippakam, Coimbatore, 120 p., ISBN: 978-81-89867-90-4.
KANNAN M. (ed.), 2014. Nanthini Xavier paṭaippukkaḷ, Vitial patippakam, Coimbatore, 350. p, ISBN: 978-81-89867-88-1.
KANNAN M. (ed.), 2014. Maḻaippāṟai, Vitial patippakam, Coimbatore, 223 p., ISBN: 978-81-89867-80-5.
KANNAN M. (ed.), 2014. Kiḷi niṉṟa cālai, Vitial patippakam, Coimbatore, 200 p., ISBN: 978-81-89867-81-2.
KAUL H.K., NAIK A. and KAUL S. (ed.), 2014. Knowledge, Library and Information Networking - NACLIN 2014 - Papers of the 17th National Convention on Knowledge,Llibrary and Information Networking held at Pondicherry from December 9-11, 2014, DELNET - Developing Library Network, New Delhi, xiii, 404 p., ISBN: 978-93-82735-04-5.
SUBBARAYALU Y. and RAJAVELU S. (ed.), 2014. Inscriptions of the Vijayanagara Rulers. Volume V, Part I: Tamil Inscriptions, Indian Council of Historical Research & Primus Books, New Delhi, ISBN: 978-93-80607-88-7. [Publisher link]

Book chapters

ANUPAMA K., PREMATHILAKE T.R., PRASAD S. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2014. Archeobotanical studies, In: Rajan K., Yathees Kumar V. P. (ed), Archeology of Amaravathi River Valley : Porunthal Excavations. Vol.1, Chapter IV, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya & Sharada Publishing House, Bhopal & Delhi, p. 95-98 & 1 plate, ISBN: 978-93-83221-01-1.
ANUPAMA K., PREMATHILAKE T.R., PRASAD S. and RAJAN K., 2014. Phytolith and pollen studies at Porunthal, In: Rajan K., Yathees Kumar V. P. (ed), Archeology of Amaravathi River Valley : Porunthal Excavations. Vol. 2, Appendix F, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya & Sharada Publishing House, Bhopal & Delhi, p. 557-564 & 3 plates, ISBN: 978-93-83221-01-1.
BALAMURUGAN P., 2014. Archaeology of lower Vaigai river valley, Tamil Nadu, In: K.N. Dikshit, Ajit Kumar (ed), The Megalithic Culture of South India, Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi, p. 148-157.
BORDAGI J., 2014. Labour circulations and small town growth in India. Comparison between Valavanur and Sholinganallur, In: J.-C. Edouard, A. Kwiatek-Soltys, H. Mainet, K. Wiedermann (ed), Small and Medium Towns’ Attractiveness at the Beginning of the 21st Century, CERAMAC; n° 33, Presses universitaires Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, ISBN: 978-2-84516-635-6.
DE FEO G., ANTONIOU G.P., MAYS L.W., DRAGONI W., FARDIN H.F., EL-GOHARY F., LAUREANO P., KANETAKI E.I., ZHENG X.Y. and ANGELAKIS A.N., 2014. Historical Development of Waste Water Management, In: Eslamian S. (ed), Handbook of Engineering Hydrology, Vol. 3: Environmental Hydrology and Water Management, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), Boca Raton (USA), p. 163-217 , ISBN: 9781466552494, doi: 10.1201/b16766-10). [Publisher link]
FARDIN H.F., HOLLÉ A., GAUTIER-COSTARD E. and HAURY J., 2014. Sanitation and water management in ancient South Asia, In: Angelakisand A.N., Rose J.B. (ed), Evolution of Sanitation and Wastewater Technologies through the Centuries, IWA Publishing, London, p. 43-53, ISBN: 9781780404844. [Publisher link]
GAILLARD N., BARRETEAU O. and RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2014. Participatory Policy Making in Practice: Simulating Boundary Work in Water Governance, In: Kaminski B., Koloch G. (ed), Advances in Social Simulation. Proceedings of the 9th Conference of the European Social Simulation Association, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing; 229, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 333-342, ISBN: 978-3-642-39828-5, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-39829-2_29. [Publisher link]
GANESAN T. and DAGENS B., 2014. Transmission of manuscripts, rewriting and interpretation: the case of the Śaivāgamas in South India, In: Balbir N., Szuppe M. (ed), Lecteurs et copistes dans les traditions manuscrites iraniennes, indiennes et centrasiatiques / Scribes and readers in Iranian, Indian and Central Asian manuscript traditions, Eurasian Studies; XII (2014), Istituto per l’Oriente C. A. Nallino, Roma, p. 11-22, ISBN: 978-88-97622-20-8.
MARIUS K., 2014. Mondialisation, activités économiques et nouveaux rapports de genre : des exemples en Inde du Sud, In: Anglade M.P., et al. (ed), Expériences du genre, intimités, marginalités travail et migration, Le Fennec/Karthala, Paris, p. 149-168, ISBN: 978-2811109356. [Publisher link]
MARIUS K., 2014. Genre et marché du travail en Inde, In: Maruani M. (ed), Travail et genre dans le monde, l’état des savoirs, Hors collection Sciences Humaines, La Découverte, Paris, p. 150-160, ISBN: 9782707174567. [Publisher link]
MARIUS K., 2014. Notice 'Bangladesh', In: Bost F. et al. (ed), Images économiques du monde : Géoéconomie-géopolitique 2015, Armand Colin, Paris, ISBN: 978-2-200-29303-1.
MARIUS K., 2014. Notice 'Inde', In: Bost F. et al. (ed), Images économiques du monde : Géoéconomie-géopolitique 2015, Armand Colin, Paris, 424-426, ISBN: 978-2-200-29303-1.
MUTHUSANKAR G., LAKSHUMANAN C. and ESWARAMOORTHI S., 2014. Inundation Risk Assessment for Nagapatinam Coast, Tamil Nadu, Southeast Coast of India, In: Mohanty U.C., Mohapatra M., Singh O.P., Bandopadhyay B.K., Rathore L.S. (ed), Monitoring and Prediction of Tropical Cyclones over Indian Ocean and Climate Change, Capital Publishing Co. & Springer Publications, Delhi, p. 364-373, ISBN: 978-93-81891-07-0. [Publisher link]
PARTHASARATHY N., MUTHURAMKUMAR S., MUTHUPERUMAL C., AYYAPPAN N. and SREEDHAR REDDY M., 2014. Liana composition and diversity among tropical forest types of peninsular India, In: Schnitzer S.A., Bongers F., Burnham R.J., Putz F.E. (ed), The Ecology of Lianas, Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, West Sussex, p. 36-49, ISBN: 978-1-118-39249-2. [Publisher link]
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SUBBARAYALU Y., 2014. Sec. 1 Before the Common Era : Beginnings of South Indian History (Chapters 1.2 & 1.4); Sec. 2 First Century BCE to Fifth Century CE : The Satavahanas, the Early Tamil Polities and Their Successors (Chapters 2.1 to 2.5), In: Noboru Karashima (ed), A Concise History of South India : Issues and Interpretations, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, Various pagings, ISBN: 0-19-809977-0. [Publisher link]
SUBBARAYALU Y., 2014. A copperplate inscription of Krishnadevaraya's time: its historical implication, In: Kesavan V., Davis D. R. (Jr.) (ed), Irreverent history: essays in honour of M.G.S. Narayanan, Primus Books, Delhi, p. 251-259, ISBN: 978-93-84082-14-7. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

ANUPAMA K., PRASAD S. and REDDY C.S., 2014. Vegetation, land cover and land use changes of the last 200 years in the Eastern Ghats (southern India) inferred from pollen analysis of sediments from a rain-fed tank and remote sensing, Quaternary International, 325 : 93-104. [Publisher link]
ATTEWELL G., 2014. Compromised: Making Institutions and Indigenous Medicine in Mysore State, Circa 1908–1940, In: Pordié L., Naraindas H. (ed), Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. Special issue: Learning Institutions in South Asian Medicine, 38 (3) : 369-386, DOI: 10.1007/s11013-014-9390-y. [Publisher link]
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DEMPS K. and KLEMETTI S.M.G., 2014. Ephemeral work group formation of Jenu Kuruba honey collectors and late 19th Century Colorado silver prospectors, Behaviour, 151 (10) : 1413-1432, DOI : 10.1163/1568539X-00003192. [Publisher link]
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