Scientific Production

Scientific Production


The list below contains the scientific production of the French Institute of Pondicherry from 2009 onwards. It includes books, edited books, CD-ROMs, maps, book chapters, articles, published conference papers, theses, reports, working papers, awards and other miscellaneous publications.

For publications brought out under the imprint of the IFP and available for sale, please visit the Bookstore page. For the IFP’s scientific production deposited in the HAL-SHS open archive see the IFP's HAL-SHS page.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

CLAEYS P. and PUGLEY D.D., 2016. Peasant and indigenous transnational social movements engaging with climate justice, Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement, DOI: [Publisher link]
COURTY P.-E., MUNOZ F. and [et al.], 2016. Into the functional ecology of ectomycorrhizal communities: environmental filtering of enzymatic activities, Journal of Ecology, DOI : 10.1111/1365-2745.12633. [Publisher link]
DE HEERING A., 2016. Dalits and Memories: Remembrance of Days Past, Economic & Political Weekly, 51 (11) : p. 70-77. [Publisher link]
DEBLAUWE V., DROISSART V., BOSE R., SONKÉ B., BLACH-OVERGAARD A., SVENNING J.-C., WIERINGA J.J., RAMESH B.R. and [et al.], 2016. Remotely sensed temperature and precipitation data improve species distribution modelling in the tropics, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 25 (4) : 443-454, DOI: 10.1111/geb.12426. [Publisher link]
FOUILLET C., GUÉRIN I., MORVANT-ROUX S. and SERVET J.-M., 2016. De gré ou de force : Le microcrédit comme dispositif néolibéral, Revue Tiers Monde, 225 (1) : 21-48.
GANESAN T., 2016. Advaita refuted and Advaita redefined, Dhimahi: Journal of Chinmaya International Foundation Shodha Sansthan, 7 : 254-273.
GANESAN T., 2016. Śivaviśiṣṭādvaita of Śrīkaṇṭha and Śaṃkara's Advaita vedānta : review of some concepts, The Adyar Library Bulletin, 80 : 177-202.
GAUCHEREL C., FRELAT R., LUSTIG A., ROUY B., CHÉRY Y. and HUBERT P., 2016. Time-frequency analysis to profile hydrological regimes: application to Haiti, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 61 (2) : 274-288, DOI : 10.1080/02626667.2015.1006231. [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., VEZY R., GONTRAND F., BOUCHET D. and RAMESH B.R., 2016. Spatial analysis of endemism to redefine conservation areas in Western Ghats (India), Journal for Nature Conservation, 34 : 33-41, [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., ALET J. and GARCIA C., 2016. Coffee monoculture trends in tropical agroforested landscapes of Western Ghats (India), Environmental Conservation, 44 (2) : 183-190, DOI : 10.1017/S0376892916000394. [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., PANDEY N., PURANIK R. and [et al.], 2016. Assessing and managing the rising rhino population in Kaziranga (India), Ecological Indicators, 66 : 55-64, [Publisher link]
GUÉRIN I., 2016. Market, Freedom and the Illusions of Microcredit. Patronage, Caste, Class and Patriarchy in Rural South India, The Journal of Development Studies, 53 (5) : 741-754, DOI: 10.1080/00220388.2016.1205735.
HO TONG MINH D., LE TOAN T., ROCCA F., TEBALDINI S., VILLARD L., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and [et al.], 2016. SAR tomography for the retrieval of forest biomass and height: Cross-validation at two tropical forest sites in French Guiana, Remote Sensing of Environment, 175 : 138-147, doi : 10.1016/j.rse.2015.12.037. [Publisher link]
JACQUET A., VARREL A. and RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2016. Quand les migrants sont français: La population française de Pondichéry, Cahiers des IFRE, 3 : 58-67. [Publisher link]
LAMBEK N. and CLAEYS P., 2016. Institutionalizing a fully realized right to food: Progress, limitations, and lessons learned from emerging alternative policy models, Vermont Law Review, 40 : 744-789. [Publisher link]
MARIUS K., 2016. Les inégalités de genre en Inde, Géoconfluences [site web]. Dossier Le monde indien : populations et espaces, Mis en ligne le 23 novembre 2016. [Publisher link]
MUNOZ F., VIOLLE C. and CHEPTOU P.-O., 2016. CSR ecological strategies and plant mating systems: outcrossing increases with competitiveness but stress-tolerance is related to mixed mating, Oikos, 125 (9) : 1296–1303, doi: 10.1111/oik.02328. [Publisher link]
MUNOZ F. and HUNEMAN P., 2016. From the Neutral Theory to a Comprehensive and Multiscale Theory of Ecological Equivalence, The Quarterly Review of Biology, 91 (3) : 321-342, DOI : 10.1086/688098. [Publisher link]
NARENTHIRAN R. and RAVICHANDRAN P., 2016. Cataloguing and Digitization of Multilingual Manuscript Libraries in Tamil Nadu: An Evaluative Study, Journal of Advances in Library and Information Science, 5 (3) : 248-253. [Publisher link]
NATH C.D., SCHROTH G. and BURSLEM D.F.R.P., 2016. Why do farmers plant more exotic than native trees? A case study from the Western Ghats, India, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 230 : 315-328, DOI : 10.1016/j.agee.2016.05.013, [Full text PDF available for Download from "Publisher link" till 15th Aug 2016]. [Publisher link]
NATH C.D., MUNOZ F., PÉLISSIER R., BURSLEM D.F.R.P. and MUTHUSANKAR G., 2016. Growth rings in tropical trees: role of functional traits, environment, and phylogeny, Trees - Structure and Function, 1-23, DOI: 10.1007/s00468-016-1442-1. [Publisher link]
NORDMAN C.J., 2016. Do family and kinship networks support entrepreneurs?, IZA World of Labor, 262, DOI : 10.15185/izawol.262. [Publisher link]
OSURI A.M., [et al.] and RAMESH B.R., 2016. Contrasting effects of defaunation on aboveground carbon storage across the global tropics, Nature Communications, 7 : DOI : 10.1038/ncomms11351. [Publisher link]
PACKARAJ R., JEYAKUMAR S., AYYAPPAN N. and [et al.], 2016. Antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of endophytic fungus Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolated from endemic tree Cinnamomum malabatrum, Studies in Fungi, 1 (1) : 104-113, DOI : 10.5943/sif/1/1/10. [Publisher link]
PLOTON P., BARBIER N., TAKOUDJOU MOMO S., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and [et al.], 2016. Closing a gap in tropical forest biomass estimation: taking crown mass variation into account in pantropical allometries, Biogeosciences, 13 (5) : 1571–1585, DOI : 10.5194/bg-13-1571-2016. [Publisher link]
RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., FAYSSE N., BOUZIDI Z., MENON R. and RINAUDO J.D., 2016. The DIALAQ project on sustainable groundwater management: a transdisciplinary and transcultural approach to participatory foresight, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 20 : 56–60, DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2016.06.002. [Publisher link]
RODENBURG J., LE BOURGEOIS T., GRARD P. and [et al.], 2016. Electronic support tools for identification and management of rice weeds in Africa for better-informed agricultural change agents, Cahiers Agricultures, 25 (1) : 15006, DOI : 10.1051/cagri/2016004. [Publisher link]
ROY P.D., RIVERO-NAVARETTE A., SÁNCHEZ-ZAVALA J.-L., BERAMENDI-OROSCO L.E., MUTHUSANKAR G. and LOZANO-SANTACRUZ R., 2016. Atlantic Ocean modulated hydroclimate of the subtropical northeastern Mexico since the last glacial maximum and comparison with the southern US, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 434 : 141-150, DOI : 10.1016/j.epsl.2015.11.048. [Publisher link]
SENTHIL BABU D., 2016. The Vernacularization of Labour Politics, Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy, 5 (2) .
TEIL G., 2016. Book Review of Itçaina (Xabier), Roger (Antoine), Smith (Andy) – Varietals of Capitalism. A Political Economy of the Changing Wine Industry. – Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2016, Revue française de science politique, 66 (3) : 623-625.
TYMEN B., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and [et al.], 2016. Evidence for arrested succession in a liana-infested Amazonian forest, Journal of Ecology, 104 (1) : 149-159, DOI : 10.1111/1365-2745.12504. [Publisher link]
ULLOA J.S., GASC A., GAUCHER P., AUBIN T., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M. and SUEUR J., 2016. Screening large audio datasets to determine the time and space distribution of Screaming Piha birds in a tropical forest, Ecological Informatics, 31 : 91-99, DOI : 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2015.11.012. [Publisher link]
VATTAKAVEN T., GEORGE R.M., BALASUBRAMANIAN D., RÉJOU-MÉCHAIN M., MUTHUSANKAR G., RAMESH B.R. and PRABHAKAR R., 2016. India Biodiversity Portal: An integrated, interactive and participatory biodiversity informatics platform, Biodiversity Data Journal, 4 : e10279, DOI : 10.3897/BDJ.4.e10279. [Publisher link]
VINOTH M., 2016. Vyākaraṇadṛiśtyā Kālavicāraḥ, Jahnavi Sanskrit E-Journal, 7 .
WAGNER F.H., [et al.] and PÉLISSIER R., 2016. Climate seasonality limits leaf carbon assimilation and wood productivity in tropical forests, Biogeosciences, 13 : 2537–2562, DOI : 10.5194/bg-13-2537-2016. [Publisher link]
ZORONDO-RODRIGUEZ F., GRAU-SATORRAS M., KALLA J., DEMPS K., GOMEZ-BAGGETHUN E., GARCIA C. and REYES-GARCIA V., 2016. Contribution of Natural and Economic Capital to Subjective Well-Being: Empirical Evidence from a Small-Scale Society in Kodagu (Karnataka), India, Social Indicators Research, 127 (2) : 919-937, DOI : 10.1007/s11205-015-0975-9. [Publisher link]

Conference papers (published)

ASWATHY S. and SARAVANAN G., 2016. Authorship and collaboration pattern in Green Technology literature from India as reflected in Web of Science from 2000 to 2012, In: Ravichandran P., [et al.] (ed), Proceedings of the International Conference on Re-Engineering of Library Resources and Services: Challenges and Opportunities 5th & 6th February 2016, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, p. 224-227, ISBN: 978-81-908804-9-7.
LASSAUBE G., 2016. Is Hydrogeology a subordinate science?, In: Dasgupta S., [et al.] (ed), Proceedings of a conference Water Regimes Questioned from the ‘Global South’: Agents, Practices and Knowledge. held at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India January 15-17, 2016, p. 39, DOI : 10.13140/RG.2.1.5025.1121. [Publisher link]
MUTHUSANKAR G. and LAKSHUMANAN C., 2016. Coastal Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment for the Cauvery Delta Region, Southeast Coast of India, In: Srinivasamoorty S., Senthilnathan D., Kusuma KN. (ed), National Level Workshop on Multiphase Approaches on Assessment and Sustainable Management of Stressed Coastal Aquifers (MAPCOAST-2016) 18th - 22nd May 2016 [CD-ROM] Puducherry organized by Department of Earth Sciences, Pondicherry University , p. 205-217.
PRASAD S., NAVYA R. and ANUPAMA K., 2016. Microscopic Interpretation of Pollen Grains- Preparations and Acetolysis. Advances in Microscopy, Histochemisty and Plant Microtechniques, Proceedings and Lab Manual, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli, India, p. 103-107.
RAVICHANDRAN P. and NARENTHIRAN R., 2016. French Institute of Pondicherry (FIP) Manuscripts Library Resources: Challenges and opportunities, In: Ravichandran P., [et al.] (ed), Proceedings of the International Conference on Re-Engineering of Library Resources and Services: Challenges and Opportunities 5th & 6th February 2016, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, p. 157-159, ISBN: 978-81-908804-9-7.
RICHARD-FERROUDJI A., 2016. A literature review on water professionals, Water Regimes Questioned from the ‘Global South’: Agents, Practices and Knowledge. Proceedings of a conference held from January 15-17, 2016 at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, Centre for Policy Research, New Delh, 65 p., 10.13140/RG.2.1.5025.1121.
ROY P.D., QUIROZ-JIMENEZ J.D., SÁNCHEZ-ZAVALA J.-L., MUTHUSANKAR G., LOZANO-SANTACRUZ R. and LOPEZ-BALBIAUX N., 2016. Hydroclimate of subtropical Mexico since the last glacial maximum and evaluation of some Pacific and Atlantic forcings., Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol. 48, No. 7 [Abstracts of the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, USA - 2016], doi : 10.1130/abs/2016AM-279079. [Publisher link]
VINOTH M., 2016. Bibliotherapy according to Vedic texts and Sanskrit Literature, Proceedings of the National Conference on Bibliotherapy and Webotherapy organized by the Central Library of SCSVMV University held at Kanchipuram on 11th June 2016., p. 115, ISBN: 978-93-5267-025-8.

Theses / Dissertations / Habilitation

ARUN KUMAR, 2016. Pollen morphological and ecological studies of select plant families (Poaceae, Amaranthaceae and Acanthaceae) as analogues of past vegetation of Southern India [Masters Dissertation], Mangalore University, Co-supervision: K. Anupama.
BALASUBRAMANIAN D., 2016. Democratic practices in technology and developing societies, Department of Anthropology, University of Madras, Ph D : Chennai, 171 p., S. Sumathi, guide.
DA SILVA MACHADO E., 2016. Utilisation des phytolithes pour la reconstitution de la végétation et du climat au sud de l’Inde durant l’Holocène. Rapport de stage pour l'obtention de la 1ère année de Master, Université Francois-Rabelais, Tours, Maître de stage: Anupama K..
DINH S., 2016. Des rizières aux plots : conversion foncière et stratégies des acteurs locaux en Inde du Sud [Mémoire de M2, Aménagement et urbanisme], Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, 132 p..
DUVEAU S., 2016. Ethnographie des pratiques rituelles dans le bois sacré de Malethirike [Pré-mémoire Master Recherche Comparative sur le développement], EHESS, 29p..
PUNEETHA K., 2016. Pollen morphological and ecological studies of select plant families (Poaceae, Cyperaceae, Myrtaceae and Asteraceae) as analogues of past vegetation of Southern India [Masters Dissertation], Mangalore University, Co-supervision: K. Anupama.