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Peer-reviewed journal articles

SAKDAPOLRAK P., SEYLER T. and ERGLER C., 2013. Burden of direct and indirect costs of illness: Empirical findings from slum settlements in Chennai, South India, Progress in Development Studies, 13 (2) : 135-151, DOI : 10.1177/1464993412466506 . [Publisher link]
SEYLER T., SAKDAPOLRAK P., PRASAD S.S. and DHANRAJ R., 2012. A chikungunya outbreak in the metropolis of Chennai, India, 2006, Journal of Environmental Health, 74 (6) : 8-13.
SEYLER T., SAKDAPOLRAK P., PRASAD SA. and DANRAJ B, 2008. Domestic unsealed water sources and Malaria incidence: a case study from Chennai, South India, The Indian Geographical Journal, 82 (1) : 1-10.