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Book chapters

BENJAMIN S. and RAMAN B., 2011. Claiming land, contestations and the urban poor in globalizing times, In: Zérah M.-H.,Dupont V.,Rawal S. T. L. (ed), Urban Policies and the Right to the City in India: Rights, Responsibilities and Citizenship, UNESCO-CSH, New Delhi, p. 63-75, ISBN: 978-81-89218-42-3. [Publisher link]
RAMAN B., 2011. Property in Commons, In: Commons Initiative, FES (ed), Vocabulary of Commons, Foundation for Ecological Security, Anand, Gujarat, p. 267-293.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

RAMAN B., 2012. The rhetoric and reality of transparency : Transparent information, opaque city spaces and the empowerment question, The Journal of Community Informatics, 8 (2) : 866-909. [Publisher link]
BENJAMIN S. and RAMAN B., 2011. Illegible claims, legal titles, and the worlding of Bangalore, Revue Tiers Monde, 206 (2) : Paris, 37-54, DOI: 10.3917/rtm.206.0037. [Publisher link]
RAMAN B. and BAWA Z., 2011. Interacting with the state via information and communication technologies. The case of Nemmadi Kendras in Karnataka, Media Asia, an Asian Mass Communication Quarterly, 38 (1) : 52-62. [Publisher link]

Working Papers

RAMAN B., PRASAD-ALEYAMMA M., DE BERCEGOL R., DENIS É. and ZERAH M.-H., 2015. Selected Readings on Small Town Dynamics in India, USR 3330 « Savoirs et Mondes Indiens » Working Papers Series - 7; SUBURBIN Papers Series - 2, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Centre de Sciences Humaines, 114 p. [Publisher link]