La voie vers la connaissance de Dieu (Brahma-jijñāsā) selon l'anuvyākhyāna de Madhva. 
:Suzanne Siauve
:Institut Français de Pondichéry
:vi, 109 p.
:Publications de l’Institut Français d’Indologie n°6
:French, Sanskit
:Out of print / Epuisé. (Download PDF).
:Madhva is the founder of a Vaiṣṇava sect that originated in southern Karnataka. His Anuvyākhyāna, considered by his disciples to be his masterpiece, distinguishes itself from his other commentaries on the Brahma-sūtra by a larger number of developed explanations and detailed discussions which, although condensed to the extreme, nonetheless illustrate the positive approach of the doctrine of Madhva which is more clearly apparent here than elsewhere. The present text is a study based specifically on the Anuvyākhyāna corresponding to the first of the Brahma-sūtras, whose terminology traditionally provided Vedāntic thinkers with the platform for their entire philosophy and interpretation of the Sacred Texts. The book contains the original text accompanied by a French translation and notes.
:Vaiṣṇavism, philosophy, Brahma-sūtra, Dvaita Vedānta, Madhva