To migrate or to stay? Mobility and retention of rural population in South India. A field survey of villagers’ rationales in Mandya district, Karnataka.
:Jean Racine
:Institut Français de Pondichéry
:34 p.
:Pondy Papers in Social Sciences n°5
:Out of print / Epuisé. (Download PDF).
:The growing size of the Indian urban population and the problems it faces lead too often to underevaluate a basic fact: despite a lack of land and the extent of poverty, a large majority of Indian citizens (76,3% in 1981) remain rural, and their numbers keep growing. However, very few in rural families have not asked themselves the question: « to migrate or to stay ? ». Most have answered it by not moving, or by combining mobility and rural moorings. In this matter, India differs substantially from many Third World countries. This report studies the peasant rationales at work behind these patterns, in diverse rural systems of the South Indian state of Karnataka.
:India, Karnataka, migration, rural moorings