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Book chapters

ANUPAMA K., PREMATHILAKE T.R., PRASAD S. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2014. Archeobotanical studies, In: Rajan K., Yathees Kumar V. P. (ed), Archeology of Amaravathi River Valley : Porunthal Excavations. Vol.1, Chapter IV, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya & Sharada Publishing House, Bhopal & Delhi, p. 95-98 & 1 plate, ISBN: 978-93-83221-01-1.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

PREMATHILAKE R., ANUPAMA K., RAJAN K., PRASAD S., ORUKAIMANI G. and YATHEES KUMAR V.P., 2017. Implications of phytolith records from an Early Historic megalithic burial site at Porunthal in Southern India, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 11 : 491-506. [Publisher link]
PREMATHILAKE R., AKHILESH K., ANUPAMA K., PAPPU S., PRASAD S., GUNNELL Y. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2017. Phytoliths as indicators of Quaternary vegetation at the Paleolithic site of Attirampakkam, India, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 14 : 479-499, DOI : [Publisher link]
STEPHEN A., ANUPAMA K., ORUKAIMANI G. and PRASAD S., 2008. A new microsieving technique in pollen analysis, The Palaeobotanist, 57 : 551-557.

Conference papers (published)

STEPHEN A., ANUPAMA K., ARAVAJY S. and ORUKAIMANI G., 2008. Leaf trait measurements in southern Eastern Ghats and their applications, Proceedings of the National Seminar on Conservation of the Eastern Ghats, December 28-29, 2007. Organized by ENVIS Centre, Hyderabad, p. 188-197.