You will find in this section, some of the latest scientific news in which the French Institute of Pondicherry is directly or indirectly involved.


There is very little information available to the Indian public on the moth species, their ecology or habits. The IndianMoths group on the India Biodiversity Portal (IBP) seeks to address this issue by aggregating species information on moths and providing a venue...


Arcadia, through the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library, UK, has agreed to offer the French Institute of Pondicherry a grant of up to £12,807 over 12 months for the project entitled: “Documentation of endangered temple art of Tamil Nadu”, under the direction of Dr....


10 seats are available to participate in an INQUA ( funded workshop ‘Palaeoanthropological Perspectives on Plant Communities in South Asia’, jointly organized by the Sharma Centre...

Pondicherry University Entrance Examination: PhD programmes offered at the IFP for the academic year 2014-15

The India Biodiversity Portal is organizing a neighbourhood trees campaign from Earth Day, 22nd April until 27th April 2014. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness on the importance of trees in neighbourhoods and to crowd source and aggregate information on tree diversity in India. All data will be openly accessible and in the public domain. The campaign will be...


The "Dancing Shiva", a program that was broadcast on ABC1, Australia on 24th March 2014, in which the photo collection of the French Institute of Pondicherry/EFEO is mentioned as being instrumental in helping the police identify some stolen statues of temples in south India.


The WIKWIO (Weed Identification and Knowledge in the Western Indian Ocean) Project was launched on November 21, 2013. This project, which is headed by the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), is funded in the framework of the ACP S&T II programme of the European Union for a three-year duration and a budget of nearly one million...


Ms. Lucie Dejouhanet, who had conducted part of her PhD thesis at the French Institute of Pondicherry (IFP) from 2004 to 2007, has won the 3rd Prix de thèse 2013 (3rd Prize for best PhD), awarded by the French National Committee for Geography, for her dissertation entitled " ’Unclear Occupation’. The Channel of Ayurvedic Plants: Paradoxes and Limits in State Management of Forest Resources in...


Prof. N.S.R. Tatacharya was awarded the prestigious Viswabharati Award for the year 2013 for his scholarly work in 4 volumes titled "Sabdabodhamimamsa", published by the French Institute of Pondicherry and the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi..