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Book chapters

RAVINDRANATH N.H., MURTHY I.K. and MURALI K.S., 2003. Community forest resource management in India: initiative and experience, In: Roy S.B., Yadav G., Mukherjee R. (ed), Contemporary studies in natural resource management in India, Inter-India Publications, New Delhi, p. 199-232, ISBN: 8121004098.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

MURTHY I.K., MURALI K.S., HEGDE G.T., BHAT P.R. and RAVINDRANATH N.H., 2002. A comparative analysis of regeneration in natural forests and joint forest management plantations in Uttara Kannada District, Western Ghats, Current Science, 83 (11) : 1358-1364. [Publisher link]
MURALI K.S., MURTHY I.K. and RAVINDRANATH N.H., 2002. Joint Forest Management in India and its ecological impacts, Environmental Management and Health, 13 (5) : 512-528. [Publisher link]