Raphaël Mathevet
Head of the Department

Select Publications

Book chapters

BOUSQUET F. and MATHEVET R., 2019. Cultural Resilience as the Resilience of a Distinctness. Distinctness from What? for What?, In: Rampp B., Endreß M., Naumann M. (ed), Resilience in Social, Cultural and Political Spheres, Springer VS, Wiesbaden, 305-321, ISBN: 978-3-658-15328-1, DOI : https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-15329-8_15 , Link in HAL: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02236182. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

MOREAU C., BARNAUD C. and MATHEVET R., 2019. Conciliate Agriculture with Landscape and Biodiversity Conservation: A Role-Playing Game to Explore Trade-Offs among Ecosystem Services through Social Learning, Sustainability, 11 (310) : doi:10.3390/su11020310.
MATHEVET R. and [et al.], 2018. A Conceptual Framework for Heuristic Progress in Exploring Management Regime Shifts in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation of Coastal Areas, Sustainability, 10 (11) : 4171, doi:10.3390/su10114171. [Publisher link]
CHANDELIER M., STEUCKARDT A., MATHEVET R., DIWERSY S. and GIMENEZ O., 2018. Content analysis of newspaper coverage of wolf recolonization in France using structural topic modeling, Biological conservation, 220 : 254-261, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2018.01.029. [Publisher link]
BARNAUD C., [et al.] and MATHEVET R., 2018. Ecosystem services, social interdependencies, and collective action: a conceptual framework, Ecology and Society, 23 (1) : 15, https://doi.org/10.5751/ES-09848-230115. [Publisher link]
MATHEVET R., BOUSQUET F., LARRÈRE C. and LARRÈRE R., 2018. Environmental Stewardship and Ecological Solidarity: Rethinking Social‑Ecological Interdependency and Responsibility, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, [Publisher link]
VIMAL R., GATISO T. and MATHEVET R., 2018. Monitoring in Tropical National Parks: The Power of Knowledge, Conservation and Society, 1-15, DOI : 10.4103/cs.cs_17_12. [Publisher link]
MATHEVET R., BOUSQUET F. and RAYMOND C. M., 2018. The concept of stewardship in sustainability science and conservation biology, Biological Conservation, 217 : 363-370, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biocon.2017.10.015. [Publisher link]
MUTHUSANKAR G., PROISY C., BALASUBRAMANIAN D., BAUTES N., BHALLA R.S., MATHEVET R., RICOUT A., SENTHIL BABU D. and VASUDEVAN S., 2018. When socio-economic plans exacerbate vulnerability to physical coastal processes on the South East Coast of India, Journal of Coastal Research, 85 : 10.2112/SI85-001.1.

Non peer-reviewed journal articles

DESMOTS E., MATHEVET R., PROISY C. and ARUNKUMAR P., 2018. Kaḻiveḷi : vaḷrccikum vaḷm pēṇaliṟkum iṭaiyil.. (Kalivelli wetlands: in the quest for integrated conservation and development?), Uyir, 44-47.

Conference papers (published)

MATHEVET R., DESMOTS E., ANBARASAN P., BALACHANDRAN N., MUTHUSANKAR G., PROISY C., GHOSH S. and BAUTES N., 2019. Looking for Integrated Conservation and Development of the Coramandel Coastal Wetlands: The case Study of Kaluveli (Tamil Nadu, South India), Paper presented at the International Symposium on Advances in Coastal Research with Special Reference to Indo Pacific (AdCoRe IP-2019) from 17th-19th December 2019, Chennai, India, p. 156-157.
MUTHUSANKAR G., PROISY C., GHOSH S., MATHEVET R., BALACHANDRAN N., ANBARASAN P. and LAKSHUMANAN C., 2019. On the urgent vulnerability assessment of the Coromandel coast of India threatened by increasing and combined environmental and human pressures, Paper presented at the International Symposium on Advances in Coastal Research with Special Reference to Indo Pacific (AdCoRe IP-2019) from 17th-19th December 2019, Chennai, India, p. 92.