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Book chapters

GARCIA C., GHAZOUL J. and KUSHALAPPA C.G., 2011. Geographical Indications and Landscape Labelling in Kodagu District, India, In: Ottaviani D.,N.E.H. Scialabba (ed), Payment for Ecosystem Services and Food Security, FAO, Rome, p. 190-197, ISBN: 978-92-5-106796-3. [Publisher link]
GHAZOUL J., GARCIA C. and KUSHALAPPA C.G., 2011. Landscape Labelling Approaches to PES : Bundling Services, Products and Stewards, In: Ottaviani D.,N.E.H. Scialabba (ed), Payment for Ecosystem Services and Food Security, FAO, Rome, p. 170-189, ISBN: 978-92-5-106796-3. [Publisher link]

Peer-reviewed journal articles

MARIE-VIVIEN D., GARCIA C., KUSHALAPPA C.G. and VAAST P., 2014. Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Environmental Labelling to Promote Biodiversity: The Case of Agroforestry Coffee in India, Development Policy Review, 32 (4) : 379-398, DOI : 10.1111/dpr.12060. [Publisher link]
BAL P., NATH C.D., NANAYA K.M., KUSHALAPPA C.G. and GARCIA C., 2011. Erratum to: Elephants also like coffee: Trends and drivers of human-elephant conflicts in coffee agroforestry landscapes of Kodagu, Western Ghats, India, Environmental Management, 48 (2) : 263-275, DOI : 10.1007/s00267-011-9718-0.. [Publisher link]
GARCIA C., BHAGWAT S.A., GHAZOUL J., NATH C.D., NANAYA K.M., KUSHALAPPA C.G., RAGHURAMULU Y., NASI R. and VAAST P., 2010. Biodiversity Conservation in Agricultural Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities of Coffee Agroforests in the Western Ghats, India, Conservation Biology, 24 (2) : 479-488. [Publisher link]
GHAZOUL J., GARCIA C. and KUSHALAPPA C.G., 2009. Landscape labelling: a concept for next-generation payment for ecosystem service schemes, Forest Ecology and Management, 258 (9) : 1889–1895. [Publisher link]
MARIE-VIVIEN D., GARCIA C.A., MOPPERT B., KUSHALAPPA C.G. and VAAST P., 2009. Marques, indications géographiques et certifications: comment valoriser la biodiversité dans les Ghâts occidentaux (Inde)?, Autrepart, 50 (2) : 93-115. [Publisher link]
GARCIA C., MARIE-VIVIEN D., KUSHALAPPA C.G., CHENGAPPA P.G. and NANAYA K.M., 2007. Geographical indications and biodiversity in the Western Ghats, India: can labelling benefit producers and the environment in a mountain agroforestry landscape?, Mountain Research and Development, 27 (3) : 206-210. [Publisher link]
GARCIA C., PASCAL J.-P. and KUSHALAPPA C.G., 2006. Les forêts sacrées du Kodagu en Inde : écologie et religion, Bois et Forêts des Tropiques, 288 (2) : 5-23. [Publisher link]

Conference papers (published)

KUSHALAPPA C.G., GARCIA C., MURALI K.S., NANAYA K.M., PAIN-ORCET M., LO SEEN D., DEPOMMIER D. and DUBUC S., 2005. Indicators: For Whom? With Whom? Why? and How? A case study in finding indicators of deforestation of Kodagu district of Western Ghats, India, 17th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb. 28-Mar. 5, 2005, Colombo, Sri Lanka, p. 1-6.


KUSHALAPPA C.G., GARCIA C., YENUGULA R. and VAAST P., 2011. Connecting Environmental Services and Market Values of Coffee Agroforestry (CAFNET) project. Final Report - India Regional Center, College of Forestry, University of College of Agricultural Sciences, Ponnampet, 114 p..
GARCIA C., PAIN-ORCET M., DUBUC S., KONERIRA N., MURALI K.S., DEPOMMIER D., KUSHALAPPA C.G. and LO SEEN D., 2004. Systèmes d'information à base d'indicateurs pour la gestion des ressources naturelles - La gestion forestière dans les ghâts occidentaux, CIRAD Forêt, France.