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This newsletter, conceived to give a glimpse of the many and varied projects conducted by the French research centres in India, circulated for several years as a "dead-tree" newsletter, then as a large PDF file. After a pause for reflection in 2016, we have decided to relaunch it in a more convenient online format as a biannual newsletter. This issue covers the first half of 2017, with one or two allusions to significant events from just before or after this period. Click here for previous issues
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IFP publications

Avacchedakatāniruktiḥ. The Avacchedakatānirukti (of the Dīdhiti and Gādādharī) with the Subodhā commentary by N.S. Ramanuja Tatacharya
Associate Editor S. Lakshminarasimham,RSAS no 8/ Vyākhyānamālā no 2. SCSVMV University Publication Series no 38, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya, Kanchipuram, 2017, vi, 290 p.
Language: Sanskrit. 650 Rs (28 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-210-1.

The Avacchedakatānirukti, a supplement by Gadādhara Bhaṭṭācārya (circa 1604–1709) to the commentary Dīdhiti on the Tattva Cintāmaṇi written by the great philosopher Raghunātha Śiromaṇi (circa 1477–1547) read more

The Study of Stolen Love. Iṟaiyaṉār Kaḷaviyal. [rev. ed]
With Commentary by Nakkīraṉār. Translated from Tamil by David C. Buck and K. Paramasivam, RSAS no 9, Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2017, xxxv, 347 p. Language: English. 1000 Rs (43 €). ISBN: 978-81-8470-216-3.
The Study of Stolen Love, with Nakkīrar’s commentary, is the earliest Tamil prose work still in existence, and its influence remains clear and strong today. The work consists of three strands: A series of ancient Tamil sutras, Nakkīrar’s explication of those sutras, and the elegantly beautiful ancient court poems he has chosen to illustrate his points. read more

IFP-CSH Co-publications

Exploring Urban Economic Resilience : The Case of A Leather Industrial Cluster in Tamil Nadu
Kamala Marius, G. Venkatasubramanian, USR 3330 "Savoirs et Mondes Indiens" Working Papers Series no 9; SUBURBIN Papers Series no 3, Institut Français de Pondichéry / Centre de Sciences Humaines, 2017, 29 p.
Language: English. (Not for sale). Available online at
Most of the clusters located in small and medium towns in India suffer from several common and well-known problems: obsolete technology, non availability of credit, marketing challenges, missing linkages between industry and other research and technical institutions, etc. read more



SEBASTIA B. (ed.), 2017. Eating Traditional Food : Politics, Identity and Practices, Routledge Studies in Food, Society and the Environment, Routledge, 226 p., ISBN: 9781138187009. [Publisher link]


CHOUKROUNE L. (ed.), 2017. Judging the State in International Trade and Investment Law: Sovereignity Modern, the Law and the Economics, Springer, ISBN: 978-981-10-2360-6.

Book Chapters


LANDY F., 2017. Urban leopards are good cartographers: Human-nonhuman and spatial conflicts at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai, In: Rademacher A., Sivaramakrishnan K. (ed), Places of Nature in Ecologies of Urbanism, Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong, p. 67-86, ISBN: 978-9888390595. [Publisher link]

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TEIL G., 2017. Protecting Appellations of Origin: One Hundred Years of Efforts and Debates, In: Caenegem W. and Cleary J. (eds), The Importance of Place: Geographical Indications as a Tool for Local and Regional Development, Springer, p. 147-171, ISBN: 978-3-319-53073-4, [Publisher link]


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