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This newsletter, conceived to give a glimpse of the many and varied projects conducted by the French research centres in India, circulated for several years as a "dead-tree" newsletter, then as a large PDF file. After a pause for reflection in 2016, we have decided to relaunch it in a more convenient online format as a biannual newsletter. This issue covers the first half of 2017, with one or two allusions to significant events from just before or after this period. Click here for previous issues
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At the IFP...

Dr. Aurélie VARREL, researcher in geography, who had been deputed from September 15, 2014 to the Social Sciences Department of the IFP by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, left on August 31, 2017. Ms. Varrel’s research theme focuses on the impact of the information technology boom in South Indian metros (Bangalore and Chennai especially). She will be replaced in her position by Dr. Nicolas Bautès.

Jeanne LATUSEK, Engineer at the Centrale Nantes, France / Anna University, who had joined the Social Sciences Department of the IFP on April 1, 2017 to work on « Maps on groundwater » under the supervision of Dr. Audrey Richard-Ferroudji and in the framework of the “Onema study” project, left on August 31, 2017.

Xavier BERNARD, Masters student Social Science Geography at the University Jean Moulin, Lyon 3, France, who had joined the Social Sciences Department of the IFP March 15, 2017, as a trainee, to work on “Communication on groundwater issues” under the supervision of Dr. Audrey Richard-Ferroudji and in the framework of the “Onema study” project, left on August 31, 2017.

Dr. Audrey RICHARD-FERROUDJI, an engineer and PhD in Sociology who had taken up her post as Head of the Social Sciences Department of the IFP on October 9, 2013, left on August 30, 2017. Mrs. Richard-Ferroudji's research area were in the field of Water Governance. She will be replaced in her position by Dr. Hélène Guétat.

Dr. François MUNOZ, who had taken up his post as Head of the Ecology Department of the IFP, on December 8, 2014, left on August 20, 2017. Dr. Munoz is an associate professor of the University of Montpellier 2. He investigates the ecological processes driving species coexistence from the local community to the regional biogeographical context. He will be replaced in his position by Dr. Raphaël Mathevet.

Tara SAHARAN, PhD candidate from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, who had joined the Social Sciences Department of the IFP on February 15, 2017 to conduct research on “Livelihoods and wellbeing in informal settlements of Durban and Chennai”, left on June 15, 2017.


It is with deep sorrow that we inform you of the demise of Prof. N.S. RAMANUJA TATACHARYA on June 5th 2017. He was one of the senior authorities in the fields of Nyāya, Vyākaraṇa, Pūrvamīmāṃsā and Uttaramīmāṃsā. After retiring as Vice-Chancellor of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha of Tirupati, he was associated with the French Institute of Pondicherry as Honorary Professor till his demise. His profound scholarship had earned him many awards, including the Padma Bhushan and Certificate of Honour for Proficiency in Sanskrit, both conferred by the President of India, and the Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur awarded by the French government. He was awarded the titles of Tarkavācaspati and Śāstraratnākara by the Head of the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Matha and the Sri Vedanta Desika Sampradaya Sabha, respectively. He was also the recipient of the Ramakrishna Dalmia Srivani Alankara Award of the Ramakrishna Dalmia Srivani Nyas, and the Vachaspati Puraskar Award of the K. K. Birla Foundation. Read more

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the demise, on July 30, 2017, of Mr. KRISHNAMACHARYA who had worked for 32 years at the Department of Indology of the IFP. After having graduated in Sanskrit Grammar (Vyākaraṇa) from the traditional Sanskrit Pathasala at Madhurantakam near Chengalpattu, he joined the IFP in 1966 and worked as a copyist for the most part of his career. He was known for his beautiful handwriting in Devanagari and the IFP has in its collection many transcripts of Śaiva āgamas, Mahābhāṣya vyākhyāna and other texts copied by him. Mr. Krishnamacharya was also involved in the initial stages of the Pāṇinīyavyākaraṇodāharaṇa-kośa; project.

At the EFEO...

After ten fruitful years in Pondicherry, Valérie GILLET has returned to the EFEO in Paris, where she continues her research and gives seminars on South Indian history and epigraphy in the EPHE.

Jason BIRCH, a contributor to the Hatha Yoga Project at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, London), visited the EFEO Center during April and May to work with S.V.B.K.V. Gupta and to attend some reading sessions.

Roland FERENCZI,, a student at the Department of Indo-European Studies, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, stayed in Pondicherry during the months of January to June 2017 to continue his research as part of his project “ South Indian Rituals for the king’s person (rājarakṣā)”.

Michael GOLLNER, Ph.D. student at McGill University, Canada, received an EFEO scholarship to spend 4 months at the EFEO Center in Pondicherry to pursue doctoral research on the reception-history of the most celebrated of the Śaiva scriptures, the Kāmikāgama. During his stay, he read passages from the Kāmika quoted in the works of Sanskrit writers from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries (Hemādri, Appayya Dīkṣita, Śivāgrayogin and others) with Dominic Goodall.

Diane PHILIPONET, Jean-Jaurès University, Toulouse, was affiliated to the Pondicherry Centre from February to June 2017. She pursued her research for her thesis, which is entitled “The monkey-masters along the Ganga river”.

R.S. SOORAJ and T. S. SYAMKUMAR, Research Scholars (Ph.D) of the Department of Sanskrit Sahitya, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala were granted ASPIRE scholarships sponsored by the Government of Kerala to spend 4 months (Dec 2016 – March 2017) at the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO to study Sankrit texts under the guidance of Dr. S. A. S. Sarma. While Sooraj worked on a survey of astronomical lexica of Kerala, Syamkumar progressed in his research on expiatory rites in ritual texts from Kerala.

Vincenzo VERGIANI, Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit at the University of Cambridge, came twice, each time for several weeks, to the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO to read parts of the Sādhana-samuddeśa of the Vākyapadīya of Bhartṛhari, a major work of Sanskrit grammatical theory, with SLP Anjaneya Sarma, Hugo David and other interested parties.


It is with sorrow that we announce that R. VARADADESIKAN, Pandit of Sanskrit and Tamil at the EFEO Centre of Pondicherry, died on 2nd May 2017 at the age of 94. He dedicated 44 years of his life to the EFEO, where he worked from 1968 to 2012. His deep understanding of Vaisnava texts and his great kindness guided very many studies carried out at the Centre and will remain in our memories always.

At the CSH...

Dr. Jules NAUDET, CSH Director of the Politics & Society Axis of research at the CSH and sociologist, left the CSH after the obtention of a position in political science at the CNRS in France in october 2016. We wish to Dr. Jules Naudet a lot of success in his new position.

Dr. Odile HENRY, sociologist at the CSH, left in january 2017, to joined back her university of reference Université Paris 8 as a faculty member. We wish Dr. Odile HENRY a lot of success in her position and for her future field researches that will take her back to India.

Dr. Eric DAUDE, CSH Director of the Risks & Territorial Dynamics Axis of research at the CSH and geography working on the propagation of Dengue in India and South-East Asia, left the CSH in August 2016. We wish Dr. Eric DAUDE a lot of success in his new position.

Aurelien CAS, IT administrator of the CSH, ended his 2-years position at the CSH in June 2017. As IT Administrator, Aurelien CAS worked on improving the information systems of the CSH and will continue as an IT expert in his next position.

Damien GAROYAN, intern in the department of Economics and Development and working under the supervision of Dr. Bruno Dorin, left the CSH in august 2016 after 6 months at the CSH as an econometrics and modelling intern.

Floriane BOLAZZI spent months at the CSH as a Phd Students in 2016-2017, and left in May 2017 to pursue the end of her Phd in social economics at the University of Milano, Italy. Floriane BOLAZZI has been working on the Palanpur project and is a regular at the CSH, and we hope to have her again as a member of the CSH team.

Gilles AZNAR, accountant of the CSH, left in August 2016 to his new position as accountant of the French institute in Prague. We wish Gilles Aznar a lot of success in his new position.

Moane ROSELLO, a civil volunteer from the French government, spent 2016 at the CSH working on the improvement of the visual communication of the CSH, creating its Youtube Channel and organizing many events in the form of documentary screenings. Moane ROSELLO will be back at the CSH in November 2017 as the new scientific secretary and we wish her a lot of success in her new position.

Prof. Leila CHOUKROUNE, the Director of the Centre de Sciences Humaines, completed her contact on 31 August 2017 and has joined The University of Portsmouth as Professor of Law.