Welcome to the Historical Atlas of South India

This prototype is the first expected output of a project of the French Institute of Pondicherry and
the Tamil University.

The objective is to present in the form of an atlas the cultural, social, economic and political
information pertaining to South India - from prehistoric times to 1600 AD - using a combination
of maps, illustrations and texts, and using GIS techniques.

The bulk of the basic materials comes from the epigraphic records (nearly 9.000) for the period
from AD 600 to 1600. Archaeology provides resources for the pre-600 period. Literature is useful
as a supplementary source. Besides these original sources, there are a few secondary works,
particularly on art, which provide data for the maps. The photo collection of IFP provides also
material for illustrations.

Clicking next, you will now have an overview of the Atlas,
but with information on Pudukottai area only.
Refer at any time to the help in order to have some tips on the navigation of this application.