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Peer-reviewed journal articles

DAHDOUH-GUEBAS F., HETTIARACHCHI S., LO SEEN D., BATELAAN O., SOORIYARACHCHI S. and KOEDAM N., 2005. Transitions in ancient inland freshwater resource management in Sri Lanka affect biota and human populations in and around coastal lagoons, Current Biology, 15 (6) : 579-586. [Publisher link]
JAYATISSA L.P., GUERO M.C., HETTIARACHCHI S. and KOEDAM N., 2002. Changes in vegetation cover and socio-economic transitions in a Coastal Lagoon (Kalametiya, Sri Lanka), As observed by teledetection and ground truthing, can be attributed to an upstream irrigation scheme, Environment, Development and Sustainability, 4 (2) : 167-183. [Publisher link]