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BONHOMME V., CASTETS M., IBANEZ T., GÉRAUX H., HÉLY C. and GAUCHEREL C., 2017. Configurational changes of patchy landscapes dynamics, Ecological Modelling, 363 : 1-7,, Link in HAL: [Publisher link]
IBANEZ T., MUNZINGER J., GAUCHEREL C., CURT T. and HÉLY C., 2013. Inferring savannah–rainforest boundary dynamics from vegetation structure and composition: a case study in New Caledonia, Australian Journal of Botany, 61 (2) : 128-138, DOI:10.1071/bt12255. [Publisher link]
IBANEZ T., BORGNIET L., MANGEAS M., GAUCHEREL C., GÉRAUX H. and HÉLY C., 2013. Rainforest and savanna landscape dynamics in New Caledonia: Towards a mosaic of stable rainforest and savanna states?, Austral Ecology, 38 (1) : 33-45, DOI: 10.1111/j.1442-9993.2012.02369.x. [Publisher link]
IBANEZ T., HÉLY C. and GAUCHEREL C., 2013. Sharp transitions in microclimatic conditions between savanna and forest in New Caledonia: Insights into the vulnerability of forest edges to fire, Austral Ecology, 38 (6) : 680-687, DOI: 10.1111/aec.12015. [Publisher link]
GAUCHEREL C., BALASUBRAMANIAN M., KARUNAKARAN P.V., RAMESH B.R., MUTHUSANKAR G., HÉLY C. and COUTERON P., 2010. At which scales does landscape structure influence the spatial distribution of elephants in the Western Ghats (India)?, Journal of Zoology, 280 (2) : 185-194. [Publisher link]