Claude Edelin

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

MILLAN M., ROWE N.P. and EDELIN C., 2019. Deciphering the growth form variation of the Mediterranean chamaephyte Thymus vulgaris L. using architectural traits and their relations with different habitats, Flora, 251 : 1-10,, Link in HAL: [Publisher link]
COUDERT Y., BELL N.E., EDELIN C. and HARRISON J., 2017. Multiple innovations underpinned branching form diversification in mosses, New Phytologist, To complete once published (vol/issue & pages), DOI : 10.1111/nph.14553, [Publisher link]
CHARLES-DOMINIQUE T., EDELIN C., BOUCHARD A., LEGENDRE P. and BRISSON J., 2015. Using intra-individual variation in shrub architecture to explain population cover, Oikos, 124 (6) : 707–716, DOI: 10.1111/oik.01654. [Publisher link]