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KUSHALAPPA C.G., GARCIA C., MURALI K.S., NANAYA K.M., PAIN-ORCET M., LO SEEN D., DEPOMMIER D. and DUBUC S., 2005. Indicators: For Whom? With Whom? Why? and How? A case study in finding indicators of deforestation of Kodagu district of Western Ghats, India, 17th Commonwealth Forestry Conference. Colombo, Sri Lanka, Feb. 28-Mar. 5, 2005, Colombo, Sri Lanka, p. 1-6.


GARCIA C., PAIN-ORCET M., DUBUC S., KONERIRA N., MURALI K.S., DEPOMMIER D., KUSHALAPPA C.G. and LO SEEN D., 2004. Systèmes d'information à base d'indicateurs pour la gestion des ressources naturelles - La gestion forestière dans les ghâts occidentaux, CIRAD Forêt, France.