The paṇmuṟai (பண்முறை) arrangement of Tēvāram

This section gives access to the text of the Tēvāram hymns, in the paṇmuṟai (பண்முறை) arrangement, which is one of the two possible orderings for global collections of the hymns of the Tēvāram, the other ordering being the talamuṟai (தலமுறை).

When using paṇmuṟai, the hymns of each of the Mūvar (மூவர்) are enumerated separately and each of these enumerations is subordinated to an enumeration of the musical modes, which means that hymns sharing the same musical mode, or paṇ [பண்], are listed together. As opposed to this, when using talamuṟai, the enumeration of the hymns is subordinated to an enumeration of the 274 sites recognized by tradition.

The Tēvāram tradition distinguishes 24 different paṇ-s and all of them have been used by Campantar, except centurutti [செந்துருத்தி], which has only been used by Cuntarar.

The Tēvāram text given here (both in transliteration, and in Tamil script) is based on the French Institute of Pondicherry edition (PIFI edition), prepared by T.V. Gopal Iyer: TVG (T.V. GOPAL IYER)
Mūvar Tēvāram (vol. 1, Ñāṉacampantar), Publications de l'Institut Français d'Indologie (PIFI) 68-1, 1984
Mūvar Tēvāram (vol. 2, Appar and Cuntarar), Publications de l'Institut Français d'Indologie (PIFI) 68-2, 1985.

1. Campantar [(சம்பந்தர] (Ñāṉacampantar [ஞானசம்பந்தர்]): 385 patikam-s in 23 paṇ-s

2. Appar [அப்பர்] (Nāvukkaracar [நாவுக்கரசர்]) : 312 patikam-s

3. Cuntarar [சுந்தரர்]: 101 patikam-s in 17 paṇ-s