MŪVAR (மூவர்)

Mūvar (மூவர்) "The Three" is the collective designation of the three Tamil saints to whom is ascribed the composition of the Tēvāram, namely Campantar, Appar and Cuntarar.

When Māṇikka Vācakar (மாணிக்க வாசகர்), the author of the Tiruvācakam (திருவாசகம்), or 8th Tirumuṟai, is joined with them, they are called Nālvar (நால்வர்) "The Four", as on the picture below, taken in Tiruviṉṉampar temple, where one can see sculptures of the four saints (From left to right: Campantar, Appar, Cuntarar & Māṇikkavācakar) .